MarketScale connects marketers with the best in marketing technology and adds value with strategy, implementation, integration, content and service.

The Marketing and Ad Technology industry has evolved to allow marketers to focus on marketing first, as standardization is enabling compatibility and collaboration across multiple platforms and tools. In the early days of marketing technology, the industry confused infrastructure for product, automation for execution. This only limited the capacity of marketers. Today we are seeing a marketer-led renaissance as the best technologies evolve to support the marketer, not replace the them. This is the fundamental principle on which MarketScale empowers marketers to be their creative best.


  • As a trusted partner to marketing organizations, one of MarketScale’s most critical decisions is choosing the best marketing platforms in major categories such as marketing automation, business intelligence and sales enablement.
  • MarketScale reps needed an efficient way to engage with prospects via both email and live over the web while managing content in an indexed, searchable and collaborative system for cohesive messaging.
  • In an industry segment with multiple vendors, MarketScale needed a product that was differentiated and would resonate with marketers who value content-centric sales and marketing.


  • Highspot is the preferred sales enablement platform for MarketScale clients because of its focus on content, collaboration and optimization.
  • All MarketScale content is managed and organized in Highspot enabling a consistent sales effort and buyer journey.
  • Sales reps use Highspot to engage customers via email and live over the web with screen sharing.


  • Highspot is one of the fastest growing product lines at MarketScale, perfect for customers who recognize the importance of quality and consistency in brand messaging.  The Highspot approach to sales content is in line with the way today’s buyers want to consume information in the decision making process.
  • Customer satisfaction with the Highspot sales enablement platform, maybe the most important long-term success metric, is consistently high
  • MarketScale clients recognize the value in content management and appreciate Highspot’s iterative design towards content optimization and collaboration over mere content delivery. 
  • Customers with a significant distributor go-to-market channel are beginning to see Highspot as a valuable partner in distribution, allowing them to enable distributors to better communicate their message, with better tools and better quality control.

Ben Maitland, CEO, MarketScale

Ben Maitland
Founder, MarketScale


“As the leader of a large sales and marketing organization, I was looking for a simple content sharing tool.  What I found in Highspot was much more than that.  Our team knew we needed to focus on quality and consistency in our marketing materials and Highspot enabled that. With MarketScale, as a Highspot channel partner, we are helping communicate the product’s differentiators to savvy marketers who recognize the importance of content in the sales process.  Today’s buyers are research-focused, preferring an informative and educational sales process.  While concepts such as Inbound Marketing are changing the game in demand generation, it’s still important for B2B sales teams to conduct proactive sales.  Highspot enables just that, with the content sharing and delivery capability to efficiently communicate but a very customer-centric approach for content management and optimization that buyers require.”

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