How Sedna Increased Quota Attainment by 50%

Sedna empowers sellers with Highspot unifies its enablement efforts in one tool.

increase in quota attainment
recurring usage of Highspot
rise in buyer engagement


Since its foundation in 2017, Sedna has been focused on data-driven communication. Its products, Stream and Pulse, have been specifically designed for companies in the shipping and supply chain industries to help manage the complexity of their operations, streamlining and enhancing efficiency. With teams across the UK, Singapore, and Canada, Sedna relies on its enablement platform to provide a single source of truth that can ensure consistency both internally and externally. After experiencing challenges with a previous platform, the team switched to Highspot, helping to boost sales confidence and buyer engagement as a result.






Lack of Platform Integration Frustrates Reps

Having an effective tech stack is a key component of Sedna’s enablement strategy––the level of cross-functional collaboration and 400+ sales assets require it. “In enablement, we’re constantly faced with this idea of spinning plates and managing multiple stakeholders at one time,” shared Molly Sestak, the head of enablement at Sedna. “Not to mention the amount of content that we’re in charge of and making sure that people are actually using it and then giving that feedback back to marketing.”

However, its previous enablement platform caused, rather than solved, many challenges. Instead of integrating content and readiness programs, the tool was separated into two different interfaces requiring unique logins.

In addition to the siloes in this existing platform, the user experience was less than ideal, hindering efficiency and discouraging adoption. Navigation on the platform was not intuitive, and features within the platform were difficult to use. Sedna’s enablement team also struggled to find analytics and insights in the tool that could inform their decisions. For example, it could take days for Sedna staff to pull data for business reviews, a process that was both frustrating and demotivating. Sedna’s enablement team knew they needed a better way to deliver their programs and streamline their efforts.

When doing enablement with two separate platforms, that's double the management and double the admin. That was a huge problem for us.

Molly SestakHead of Enablement, Sedna


A Single Source of Truth Increases Rep Confidence

Through its new partnership with Highspot, Sedna was immediately able to provide a single source of truth for sellers and unify its enablement efforts in one tool. With a rapid migration and launch, the enablement team quickly boosted confidence in the value of an enablement platform among sellers, receiving positive feedback on the platform’s ease of use and enjoyable UI design. “I don’t get any questions about where to find content anymore, so that was a huge sigh of relief for me,” noted Sestak. Solving these user experience challenges immediately made a positive impact on trust in the platform, leading to company-wide recurring platform usage of 88%.

The unified platform experience has been a hit not only with established sellers but also with new hires. The Sedna enablement team leveraged Highspot’s Training and Coaching capabilities to build an onboarding program for newly hired business development reps and account executives that offers them the flexibility and freedom to learn independently. Additionally, throughout onboarding, Sestak and her team have complete visibility into individual progress with Analytics so they can give feedback and adjust accordingly.

Finally, the team has focused on curating the Highspot platform to help sellers not only easily find what they are looking for but also discover new material organically. For example, the team partners with marketing to audit and archive or update content based on data. With strong governance and accurate search, the team has helped drive productivity and promote a culture of learning. “I thought that was a true testament to what we’re trying to do with not only the search function but really optimizing that guided selling experience,” shared Sestak. “If you don’t know where something lives and you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you can navigate and discover that content as needed.”

Having everything in that one unified platform just makes [onboarding] way easier.

Molly SestakHead of Enablement, Sedna


Trust in the Platform Boosts Adoption

With Highspot’s unified platform, Sedna has been able to simplify search, improve content governance, and create a more responsive onboarding program, among many other achievements. These efforts have led to significant improvements in sales performance, including a 50% boost in quota attainment and 26% increase in buyer engagement. Plus, the enablement team has been able to extend the benefits across the organization.

As trust in the platform has risen exponentially, executive stakeholders have seen the value firsthand. With support from leadership for the value of enablement, Sestak and her team plan to continue building on the momentum they are driving by leaning into new product innovations as they continue to partner with Highspot. “I am really excited to see where we end up,” shared Sestak. “If I talk to you in a year from now, I think our progress will be amazing.”

Not only does [Highspot] help enablement, it pretty much helps every team that we touch really understand what content is resonating with buyers. That helps us make much more data-driven decisions over time.

Molly SestakHead of Enablement, Sedna

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