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Five Selling Trends in 2016 That Can Be Improved with Sales Enablement

Highspot-CEB-Five-Selling-Trends-in-2016-Improved-with-Sales Enablement

Recently, our friends over at CEB posted a great blog highlighting five trends that will help sales execs this year.

This post is spot on, and as I read it, I couldn’t help but think about the ways that Sales Enablement is critical to all of the trends. So, I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some areas where your organization can use Sales Enablement to help your sales organization succeed.

CEB’s “5 Trends That Will Affect All Sales Execs in 2016”

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Make the Most of your SKO: Be More Successful with Sales Enablement Efforts in 2016


You never know unless you ask…

This sentiment is true in all facets of life, whether managing personal relationships or business relationships, you just never know what people need or want unless you simply ask.

Think back to a time when you were certain you knew how someone felt about a particular topic or problem. You just knew you knew their opinion. Maybe it was a negotiation with a colleague, maybe with a friend or spouse, but you were sure you knew their opinion. Until you heard it. And it turned out to be completely different from what you thought.
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Highspot Expands Integration with Cloud and On-premise Content Management Solutions

Integrating sales content management systems

Content, content, content. Yes, content is king—it is the foundation for most sales-to-customer conversations. Getting the right content into the hands of the sales reps is the primary issue many Sales Enablement organizations want to fix. To accomplish that, for larger organizations, you must integrate, integrate, integrate.

In fact, for a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, integrating with other business software solutions is, in our opinion, like being mobile. It’s table stakes.  

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Five Key Sales Enablement Takeaways from 2015


It sounds cliché, but it’s hard to believe the year is almost over! 2015 has been full of unexpected twists and turns for many organizations, and when it comes to Sales Enablement, it’s been a year of unprecedented growth. At the beginning of 2015, data suggested that less than 15% of the market had a formal sales enablement initiative. Recent surveys, including our State of Sales Enablement report, indicate that 30% of enterprise and mid-market organizations have a formal Sales Enablement team and nearly 30% plan to initiate one in 2016.Highspot-Planning-Sales-Enablement-Growth-in-2016

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Planning for Greater Sales Effectiveness in 2016

Tips to help plan for sales enablement in 2016

As 2015 winds down and you start thinking about your business improvement initiatives for 2016, I’m betting improving sales effectiveness and productivity is on the list.

One of the best ways to do this is to focus on Sales Enablement.

According to a recent report by Aberdeen Research, Companies with sales enablement outperform those withoutorganizations with a formal Sales Enablement competency see a 99% sales quota attainment and 13% revenue growth rate, 3 times more than companies that don’t. These are performance numbers you shouldn’t ignore.

From our own State of Sales Enablement research, companies report benefits of sales enablement included “improving conversion rates, increasing sales productivity, improving ability to sell and delivering quality content.”

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Aberdeen research finds “Sales Enablement is a Must Have”

Aberdeen Report Sales Enablement a Must Have

A new research report just surfaced from Aberdeen Group confirms what we at Highspot have known all along: Best-in-class organizations view sales enablement as a must-have.

Aberdeen’s research shows that best-in-class organizations have:

  • 99% overall team quota attainment – 62% higher than average companies
  • 75% reps achieving quota – 50% higher than average companies
  • 13% year-over-year revenue growth – 205% higher than average companies
  • 3% reduction is sales cycle time – 725% better than average companies

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What Amazon.com Teaches Us About Sales Enablement

Amazon Logo

Amazon is incredible at helping you find the right product among its catalog of 200 million items.   Within minutes Amazon will have you looking at relevant products, reading reviews, getting recommendations, and seeing related items.

Your sales enablement platform should perform the same magic.

So how does Amazon do it?  There are four foundational capabilities that work together to produce the magic of Amazon. As the saying goes, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Start removing one or more of these capabilities and the results quickly break down.Continue reading article ›

Fix Your Sales Portal

Reinvent Your Sales Portal

We’ve talked to hundreds of companies about sales portals, and what we’ve heard is remarkably consistent. If they have a sales portal, they hate it. If they don’t have a sales portal, it’s because they are pretty sure they’re going to hate it.

Everyone knows that there must be a better answer. We live in a time when technology has revolutionized our ability to get the information we need .. in our personal lives. Want to learn about almost any topic in the entire pantheon of human endeavor? No problem, you can get what you want in seconds on the Internet. Need to find a crucial document to help close a deal? Sorry, good luck with that. It doesn’t have to be that way.

A modern sales enablement platform connects sellers to the most effective content and makes sure that it is working hard to deliver the sales results you need. You can take advantage of the same techniques that Internet services use to connect millions of people to the information they want. The right solution also integrates with and enhances the tools your company already relies on – services that track your sales activities (like Salesforce), that manage your files (like Box), and that you use for Web conferencing (like join.me).

Why do traditional sales portals so consistently fail to deliver, even really expensive ones and what can be done to fix them? We will answer both sides of this question in this article.

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Sales Enablement Best Practices


This article provides pointers to white papers, blog posts, eBooks, and Webinars covering a variety of sales enablement best practices. The list of topics include:

  • Best Practice in Sales Enablement Team Structure
  • Finding the Best Sales Enablement Vendors
  • Finding Sales Enablement Analysts
  • Evaluating Sales Enablement Tools
  • Best Practice in Sales Enablement Solution Design
  • Sales Enablement Deployment Best Practices
  • Best Practice in Analyzing Sales Content Performance
  • Best Practice in Assessing Seller Readiness
  • Best Practice in Measuring Sales Enablement Solution Health
  • Seven Steps to Getting Started with Sales Enablement
  • Six Characteristics of a Successful Sales Portal
  • Putting It All Together

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Sales Enablement Software Reimagined

Reimagine Sales Enablement software

The winds of change are blowing rapidly through the sales and marketing hallways of your company. Technologies come and go, and some, like the mp3 player, take a few iterations and some macro-level changes in order to get right. Sales Enablement technology is one of those.

While the efforts of sales enablement—helping sales professionals be more effective and efficient, through better content and knowledge training—have been around for nearly two decades, the technology to support this effort has gone through a series of attempts and misses.

It has been proven, however, when organizations get it right, there are incredible benefits to be gained. Aberdeen’s research shows companies with proper sales enablement can improve sales performance in very meaningful ways:Continue reading article ›