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Built for the cloud era, Highspot uses advanced machine learning to help organizations capture, share, and cultivate their most valuable working knowledge.

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Parallels is a global business with customers in over 130 countries. Keeping our leadership and our sales, support, and engineering teams equipped with the latest information was a constant challenge. Highspot easily gets the most relevant information into people’s hands when they need it and helps our marketing team focus on the content that matters.

John Zanni
, Chief Marketing Officer

With the rocket growth of our business we were creating content faster than anyone could keep up. And with our team more than doubling each year onboarding new people was a huge challenge. Highspot lets us capture our important information and expertise in a way that makes it easy for everyone to find it and leverage it.

Forest Key

Lenati helps companies optimize the impact of their sales and marketing teams. We are excited about Highspot’s ability to transform how our clients connect marketing and sales to win in the marketplace.

Jen Winter
, Managing Partner

Knowledge management for the cloud era

Information is the lifeblood of every organization, yet most struggle to “know what they know.” Frontier functions like sales, marketing, and engineering operate at the edge of institutional knowledge. They have an insatiable demand for the latest and greatest information to win the next deal, fend off competitors, captivate customers, and inspire innovation. Highspot helps organizations capture, share, and cultivate their most valuable working knowledge.

searchSearch that works

Search is a fantastic tool on the Web. It hasn’t worked well inside organizations. Now it does, through the power of data science and machine learning.

discoverDiscover the unknown

Search is great when you know what you need, but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Highspot automatically brings the latest and most relevant information to you.

displayBrowse in context

Information benefits from being placed in context. Quickly visualize documents and see related discussions and recommendations from colleagues.

Re:organize, Re:share

Empower your people and teams to organize content in whatever way they see fit. Securely share with the right people.

barchartInformation genomics

Information evolves. Track documents as they mutate, see how they are being used, and understand which are most useful by following the survival of the fittest.

cellYour knowledge, anywhere

Securely access your information any time from your computer, tablet, or phone.

uploadcloudCloud delivery

Quickly create a secure solution without costly infrastructure to deploy or manage.