Three Reasons to Choose Highspot

If sales reps don’t use the platform, nothing else matters. Highspot customers commonly see over 90% monthly adoption. Which means marketing can effectively arm sales and everyone has visibility across the sales cycle.

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Competitors love to talk about their long list of features. A mile long and an inch deep. At Highspot we are committed to delivering maximum value to our user in every feature. Breadth and depth. To see the difference for yourself, request a Highspot product demo.

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Reps customize sales content which throws traditional analytics for a loop. Our unique analytics engine with Content Genomics lets you accurately analyze and optimize the entire sales process.

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Actionable Insights

Highspot provides visibility across your sales cycle

Sales Rep

Sales Rep

“deliver customer value”

Q:How do I find the best content to present to my customer?

Q:When and how did my customer engage with the content?

Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership

“amplify best practices”

Q:What and how often are my reps pitching customers?

Q:Which pitches are closing deals for different customers?



“arm sales with content”

Q:How can I know what the sales team is using and pitching?

Q:What content is engaging customers and driving revenue?

Intelligence Matters

Highspot uses machine learning to deliver breakthrough performance on key features

Semantic Search

Intelligent Recommendations

Content Scoring

Smart Feeds

Advanced Analytics

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