Sales Training Software: Transform Sellers Into Superstars

Empowering your sales team to crush quotas has never been easier.

Sales Training Is More Effective When It’s Reinforced on the Job

Your sales reps have completed training. Why aren’t they using new skills with customers?

It’s time to bridge that gap between practice and execution. 

With Highspot, sales enablement and sales teams can leverage AI to build effective sales training programs and certify sales reps on key knowledge and skills, then—reinforce that knowledge through the same platform. This is how you boost seller confidence, readiness, and sales performance.

Build Better Training, Win More Deals

Your customers are evolving. Your reps should, too. Empower sales managers and enablement teams to easily train and develop sellers on new sales skills, personas, product messaging, and launches—ensuring your entire sales team is prepared to effectively engage buyers and meet quota.

Sales Training Courses

Create Blended Learning Experiences

Build custom training courses with Google Calendar, Zoom, and Teams integrations. Combine eLearning with instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) to boost engagement.

Import External Training

Streamline sales representatives’ workflows by combining training material from your LMS into Highspot using SCORM import functionality.

Infuse Sales Methodologies

Maximize the ROI and adoption of sales processes and methodologies. Easily infuse training content from Challenger, Corporate Visions, Sandler, and more into your enablement programs via Highspot Marketplace. 

Sales Training Certifications

Certify With Confidence, Boost Sales Readiness

The right training process transforms good sales professionals into great ones. With Highspot, quickly onboard new hires, train salespeople more consistently, and drive mastery of core sales skills. Serve sales training anywhere, whether team members are online, offline, or on mobile devices.

Deliver Personalized Learning Paths

Connect sales training courses, live learning, and hands-on practice into one path to appeal to different learning styles and boost rep retention. Drive completion with role-relevant sales certifications.

Build Confidence With Video Practice

Prepare reps for customer interactions using video assessments and role-play simulations in Highspot, then leverage AI and automation to generate feedback and grade skills rubrics.

Validate Sales Skills in the Real-World

Managers can review recorded sales meetings to correlate real-world performance with formal training and practice. Then use conversation intelligence and rubrics to hone critical selling skills.

Reinforce Onboarding and Training on the Job

Great sales onboarding and training ensure reps know how to apply essential selling skills in their day-to-day work. Highspot’s sales training platform arms your sales reps just-in-time with the best sales plays, sales content, and key techniques to close deals faster.

Sales Training in Sales Rep Workflows

Surface Knowledge When It’s Needed

Sales conversations make or break the sales process, which is why Highspot surfaces relevant training materials, micro-learning, and on-demand content while your sales team is in motion.

Embed Training Assets in Sales Plays

Level up sales plays and playbooks by packaging formal training courses, lessons, and interactive exercises alongside top sales content, sales call recordings, and selling best practices.

Surface Training in Your CRM

Reinforce critical knowledge with Highspot’s CRM integrations. Elevate AI-powered training and sales play recommendations directly in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 opportunities and records.

Seamlessly Integrate With All of Your Favorite Tools

Extend the value of your tech stack and bring sales enablement directly into your learner’s workflows, with Highspot’s ecosystem of 100+ integrations. 

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