Deliver Next-Level Marketing Impact With Sales Enablement

Go well beyond content creation to deliver revenue growth.

Hit Revenue Goals With a Marketing Strategy Powered By Sales Enablement

Generating brand awareness, MQLs, and messaging is no longer a mark of success, as 63% of marketers say they are under extreme pressure to deliver improved revenue outcomes. You are now expected to impact the customer’s full lifecycle and deliver continuous value with compelling content and programs. Highspot’s sales enablement tool empowers you to execute next-level, data-driven marketing initiatives that engage buyers at every stage of the sales cycle, win over decision-makers, and prove your value.

Simplified Content Management

Maximum Content Adoption

Consistent Strategy Execution

Unify All Sales Enablement Content

Managing complex content libraries is a thing of the past. Highspot’s sales enablement software streamlines content management, so sales teams always have fresh, relevant content to fuel the buying process—while you can focus on creating assets and campaigns that help sellers close deals.

  • Create a unified content hub for sellers and consolidate your analytics by integrating with your current tech stack
  • Ensure content is current by synchronizing existing file-sharing and content management systems, with auto-updates or set schedules
  • Enforce content governance with flexible content policies, approvals, audit trails, and permissions to ensure sales reps always use on-brand, compliant content.
  • Access at-a-glance metrics into content usage, performance, and buyer engagement to maximize content impact.
  • Apply automation to your content library with pre-configured reports that allow you to audit at scale, within a single workflow
  • Improve efficiency across content and sales operations processes, increasing sales and marketing alignment

Increase Sales Teams’ Content Adoption

When sellers can’t find relevant content, it drags down sales productivity—and win rates. With Highspot, you’ll build a sales enablement process that surfaces content in the sellers’ workflow with how-to messaging guidance so they effectively engage buyers throughout the customer journey.

  • Supercharge sales outreach by centralizing content in a single repository
  • Create guided browsing experiences that serve salespeople personalized content recommendations based on their activity or what’s worked before
  • Intuitive content collections and Google-like search help reps quickly browse, filter, and use the right content for specific buyer personas, pain points, selling scenarios, and more
  • Increase sales’ content usage with visibility into what types of content drive dynamic customer experiences
  • Accelerate sales execution by surfacing content alongside related sales training, directly in your customer relationship management (CRM) system, like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Build a successful sales enablement program that enables marketing, sales, and sales enablement team members to efficiently collaborate and communicate

Execute Winning Marketing Strategies That Hit KPIs

Get all stakeholders working together on an effective sales enablement strategy. Our sales enablement technology aligns marketing initiatives with sales goals to maximize collaboration. By tracking key metrics across the buyer’s journey, you’ll know how to drive measurable revenue growth that improves lead acquisition and retention.

  • Implement a data-driven approach to arm your sales organization with campaigns and social media programs that drive lead conversion
  • Execute multi-channel digital campaigns using sales-friendly templates that help sellers pitch content anywhere, whether on email, Slack, Linkedin, or other social channels
  • Improve sales performance, readiness, and confidence by organizing critical context and content within sales plays and playbooks
  • Use content ratings, feedback, and reviews to inform content creation teams and sales enablement managers of what’s working, and what’s not, with potential customers
  • Assess the impact of marketing and enablement efforts to make data-driven decisions on strategy optimizations that drive sales success
  • Demonstrate marketing’s revenue and business value with quantitative and qualitative metrics that show your impact on the sales funnel, lead conversions, and quota attainment

Marketing Teams Transform Their Strategy With Highspot

Only Highspot delivers a sales enablement platform that connects the dots across your go-to-market strategy to realize the full revenue impact of your team’s contribution.

Highspot users say they experience:


increase in win rate


increase in sales’ content use


increase in sellers’ content engagement


increase in average deal size


increase in pipeline generation


return on investment

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