Turbocharge Sales With a True Revenue Enablement Platform

Empower your revenue team with a rigorous sales process that delivers real results.

Work on What Really Boosts Your Bottom Line

Your sales team is drowning. Every day, another product, process, or “brilliant” idea–no wonder only top performers can keep up. But there is hope! Highspot helps you empower your customer-facing teams with a strategic approach to revenue enablement that streamlines processes, enhances customer experiences, and drives consistent revenue growth.

Maximize Sales Productivity

Capture Buyers’ Attention

Drive Consistent Revenue

Maximize Sales Efficiency With Smooth Workflows

Your sales reps should spend their time closing deals, not searching. Highspot’s enablement solution guides salespeople to the right content and knowledge directly in their workflow—giving them exactly what they need to drive deals through the customer journey.

  • Minimize time sellers spend scouring for content with by creating a one-stop shop for sales content management, powered by AI-powered search and guided browsing
  • Share content anywhere, whether on email, Slack, or social media
  • Guide sellers to everything they need to know, say, show, and do with customizable sales plays
  • Build amazing training and onboarding programs that certify sellers on critical skills and reinforce knowledge in their daily workflow
  • Surface Highspot content and training recommendations within your customer relationship management (CRM) system, like Salesforce

Deliver Memorable Buying Experiences

Create experiences your buyers will crave with Highspot’s enablement platform. Our buyer engagement capabilities make it easy for revenue teams to create and share beautiful digital sales rooms that wow buyers from initial touchpoint to close. The result is more pipeline, stronger lead nurturing, and better quota attainment.

  • Quickly build and customize digital sales rooms with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Confidently pitch new product launches, showcase competitive differentiators, and cross-sell with ease using flexible email templates
  • Record and share personal video intros, demos, walk-throughs, and follow-ups to engage each buyer on their time
  • Combine, edit, and customize on-brand slide decks, PDFs, and more to ensure sellers share only the right messaging with buyers
  • Ensure flawless follow-up at every stage of the sales cycle with real-time alerts on customer interactions

Uplift Your Revenue Enablement Strategy With Data-Driven Insights

Build and grow winning teams with a best-in-class enablement program. Highspot enables marketing, sales, and enablement teams to make better data-driven decisions. You’ll gain powerful insights into how top sales reps are finding success—enabling you to prioritize revenue-generating techniques.

  • Get at-a-glance insights across go-to-market team performance using dashboards called Scorecards that unify and distill data so you can quickly see what’s moving the needle
  • Automatically relate seller outreach to your CRM data for a complete picture of what’s driving pipeline generation, customer retention, and revenue growth
  • Track sales training KPIs to be sure your salespeople are ready to win
  • Compare individual sales reps to the entire sales organization, giving sales managers actionable data on coaching opportunities
  • Track metrics across the entire customer lifecycle, to pinpoint tactics that unlock new business, renewals, and upsells
  • Understand and improve revenue operations by unifying training and coaching, conversation intelligence, automation, customer success, and analytics

Sales Leaders and Their Teams Use Highspot to Beat Their Targets

Only Highspot delivers a sales enablement platform that helps every business drive predictable, reliable revenue growth.

Highspot Users Say They Experience:


 increase in win rate


increase in sales reps attaining quota


increase in average deal size


decrease in sales rep ramp time


increase in pipeline generation

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