Channel Partner Enablement: Win More Together

Supercharge sales with channel partners prepared to grow your business.

Ready to Unlock Partner Potential?

Your product isn’t the only one on your partners’ plates. Competition for mindshare is fierce and how well your partners sell depends on how well you enable them. Leave the clunky partner portals and siloed learning management systems (lms) behind. With Highspot, deliver a modern, intuitive partner enablement program—and arm your partners with everything they need to win.

Deliver Consistent Messaging

Guide and Reinforce Behavior

Track Partner Activity

Equip Channel Partners With The Right Content, At The Right Time

With Highspot’s group-based access and targeting, you’ll enable direct and indirect sellers—resellers, managed service providers, and distributors—to sell effectively and efficiently all from one solution. Highspot provides a single source of truth for all go-to-market strategies, relevant content, and data.

  • Maintain resources in one place, ensuring partners use up-to-date, on-brand messaging
  • Reduce time spent looking for assets with AI-powered search and auto-generated answers
  • Adapts assets around partner needs, stage, roles, and personas, giving them all they need to complete a sale
  • Arm partners with customizable email templates and digital sales rooms
  • Configure access and targeting to your unique channel model so each partner group or tier has only what they need
  • Use content performance metrics to analyze and optimize breakdowns in the sales funnel

Build Personalized Partner Onboarding and Training

The best partner relationships begin by supporting your partners with high-quality onboarding and training. With Highspot, you can create and deliver an on-demand partner training program that drives effective knowledge transfer and retention on everything partners need to know.

  • Reduce rep ramp time with an onboarding process that helps new partners quickly grasp your roadmap, sales process, and value propositions
  • Build custom homepages and browsing experiences to consistently serve partners fresh product updates, training, and sales collateral
  • Curate courses and lessons with group or tier-specific learning paths, using quizzes, incentives, and certifications
  • Scale training by converting in-person training sessions to a live, hands-on experience using web-conferencing platforms that streamline enrollment and automate attendance tracking
  • Guide partners to drive initiatives with enablement materials delivered in consumable, rep-friendly digital sales plays
  • Surface contextual training and guidance directly within workflows so your partners are ready to sell at every stage of the sales lifecycle

Discover What Partner Enablement Strategies Work With Data-Driven Insights

Create a winning partner ecosystem with a complete view of what’s working. Tap into the success of your most dedicated partners with insights into seller activity,  and scale best practices across your partner management strategy.

  • Understand engagement, including which partners are most engaged and where they’re focused
  • Measure content usage and performance by tier, group, or partner to optimize your content
  • Track learning KPIs, like course completion and certifications, to ensure partners are meeting milestones
  • Get insights into how partners are performing against the channel and your salespeople
  • Merge Highspot data with data from other business systems in your BI tool of choice

Channel Leaders Use Highspot to Hit Their Goals

Only Highspot delivers a sales and partner enablement tool that helps teams boost channel performance, loyalty, and profitability, while creating a competitive advantage for your brand.

Highspot Users Say They Experience:


decrease in sales rep ramp time


increase in win rate


increase in average deal size


increase in pipeline generation


decrease in sales cycle time


increase in sales reps attaining quota

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