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The Right Content to Equip Your Reps

The most scalable way to publish, organize, and discover content.

Highspot reduces the time reps spend searching for content by up to 95% and streamlines marketing workflows to ensure content is on-brand, compliant, and always up to date.

Find it Fast

Highspot’s intuitive UI, powerful search, and curated browsing experiences make it easy for reps to locate content all in a single platform.

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Search serves up personalized, promoted, and recommended content

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Guided experiences elevate content according to top go-to-market priorities

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AI highlights top-performing, relevant resources in the context of reps’ existing workflow

Manage and Govern with Ease

Highspot offers flexible ways to organize resources and keep them up to date and compliant, so you’re confident reps are using the latest versions.

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Supports 100+ integrations and 40+ content types so you can bring together decks, videos, and more in a curated experience

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Highspot makes it simple to get control of what content gets published, how it’s shared, and with whom

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No need to reorganize; simply map content from your existing repositories and easily manage it in Spots™

Deeper Content Insights

Actionable insights reveal how reps use content and showcase the business impact of each piece.

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Get at-a-glance view of content usage, performance, and influence on the sales cycle

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Track content ROI and pipeline impact with deep connections to CRM

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Pinpoint what’s working and take action on what isn’t with interactive reporting

Highspot has eliminated ‘tribal knowledge’, allowing all our reps to easily search and browse content—including training materials—within a single system. Reps trust and ultimately rely on Highspot to find content. As our sales team continues to grow, this ability to scale will be critical to our success

Dan Pearl, Director of Sales Strategy & Enablement , INFINIDAT
Dan Pearl