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Sales Playbook Software: Guide Sellers to Success

Prepare your sales reps with guidance and best practices.

Drive Rep Behavior Change With Repeatable, Proven Sales Plays

You worked hard to build a winning enablement strategy. How do you ensure your sales reps bring it to life in the field? 

Enter sales plays.

With Highspot, enablement and sales teams can quickly build sales play microsites, bundling insights, messaging, value propositions, and training into one on-demand resource for sales managers and reps. With real-time data on play usage, you’ll be able to continuously optimize programming, improve execution, and drive action—increasing sales velocity, improving customer experience, and winning more deals.

Create More High-Performing Sales Reps

Your sales reps’ job is to drive the sales process forward and create more qualified leads. Why not make it easy for them? Simplify workflows and ensure your reps have the right knowledge and training, are using the right sales content, and taking the right actions with customers by packaging critical enablement materials in a consumable, rep-friendly digital sales play—all within Highspot.

Sales Play Software

Give Context for Every Conversation

Combine contextual guidance with content using our drag-and-drop sales playbook template builder, giving reps the information they need to lead sales conversations and move deals forward.

Coach as You Go

Reinforce sales training by adding top-performing sales call recordings, best practices, and other resources into your sales plays, so sales team members can hear and see what good looks like. 

Infuse Sales Methodologies

Add learning, content, and other  sales methodology materials into your sales play with one-click, or leverage our 100+ integrations to combine resources with any other sales tools your team depends on.

Sales Playbook Dashboard

Measure Your Progress, Prove Your Impact

Do you know if sales playbooks are working for your target audience? With Highspot, you don’t have to guess. Gain insight into leading indicators of initiative and sales play performance, content adoption, and revenue impact. Easily track progress against KPIs, continuously refine sales processes and playbook content, and prove your impact to sales leaders and other executive stakeholders.

Track Rep Adoption Metrics

At-a-glance trends reveal whether tenured and new reps are executing your effective sales playbooks, so you can iterate content and training, adjust outreach strategies, and mitigate risk to keep deals on track.

Learn What Engages Buyers

Track KPIs via scorecards to identify which components of your sales strategy resonate with buyers and make improvements to your plays, sales call scripts, discovery questions, email templates, and more in real time.

Quantify Revenue Growth

Prove the impact of all your enablement activities by measuring and socializing data, captured in sales play and initiative based scorecards, and forecast with confidence knowing that your team is on track. 

Maximize Sales Efficiency With Simple Workflows

Go beyond the heavy-duty binders and dense sales playbooks of the past. Highspot arms revenue teams with curated  plays, role-based content, and integrations with business critical tools, like your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM that ensure salespeople continually wow customers. 

Sales Playbook Software Integration

Enable Sales Reps in Real-Time

Surface relevant resources on-demand based on buyer personas, customer profile, industry, stage in the sales cycle, and more, so reps can quickly tailor outreach to buyers’ needs and pain points.

Reduce Onboarding and Ramp Time

Empower new hires  at every level—from account executives to SDRs—by presenting sales playbooks and training as they need them, to help them quickly master new skills and shrink rep ramp time.

Leverage AI to Suggest Best-Bet Content

Replace guesses with data-driven decisions by offering sellers AI-powered content recommendations in their CRM workflow so you can ensure they follow up with the most impactful assets.

Seamlessly Integrate With All of Your Favorite Tools

Extend the value of your tech stack and bring sales enablement directly into your reps’ existing workflow, with Highspot’s ecosystem of 100+ integrations. 

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