Turbocharge Sales With Conversation Intelligence Software

Analyze customer conversations to hone reps’ skills and boost sales performance.

Transform Raw Sales Conversations Into Actionable Insights

Highpot’s conversation intelligence tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automatically transcribe meeting recordings across multiple languages and surface important patterns, so you can quickly analyze, improve sales calls, and create better customer experiences.

Eliminate Knowledge Gaps

Transcripts, AI-generated topic summaries, and customer sentiment analysis keep team members up to speed and prepared for upcoming customer interactions.

Streamline  Sellers’ Workflows

AI-powered conversation analytics automate note-taking, follow-ups, and next steps and auto-relate Zoom and Teams meetings with  CRM records.

Share Key Moments

Easily find, save, and share full conversations or specific meeting highlights so sales reps can course-correct and never miss an opportunity to solve customer pain points.

Spot Winning Patterns, Replicate Top Performers

Our conversation intelligence platform uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) to decode meetings and extract discussion topics and sentiment analysis. We give sales managers the tools to unlock coaching opportunities to increase seller’s knowledge retention — reducing new hire ramp time, driving methodology adoption, and elevating sales excellence.

Sharpen Critical Selling Skills

Incorporate meeting reviews into video practice exercises to help sales teams practice and perfect their talk-listen ratio, pace and tone, monologues, and pitch delivery.

Automate Sales Coaching

Sales managers can assess rep readiness by letting Copilot take the first pass at grading rubrics and writing feedback on skills in and out of onboarding and training programs.

Scale Best Practices

Save and share best-in-class customer calls and highlights in Highspot’s sales plays and training to help sellers grasp effective selling techniques and gain confidence in their roles.

Initiative Scorecard PV

Validate Go-To-Market Strategy In Real-World Conversations

Deeply understand the voice of the customer, evaluate how your message resonates with customers, and review the metrics you need to fine-tune your approach. Our conversation intelligence solution allows sales leaders to collaborate with Highspot Copilot to optimize sales conversations, measure rep performance, mitigate churn risk, and increase deal conversion.

Drive Strategic Initiatives

Move beyond anecdotal feedback with conversation AI insights integrated with scorecards and reports. Easily assess whether your sales force understands and is executing go-to-market team strategy.

Increase Competitive Win Rates

Get ahead of the pack with a better understanding of the pressures your sales reps are facing, along with the context you need to help others overcome common objections.

Track Buyer Engagement

Combine rich conversation analytics with CRM integrations, email, content, and digital sales rooms to give your sales teams more visibility into sales pipelines.

Unlock Conversation Gems to Close Deals Faster

Capture and Analyze Customer Behavior

When your customer conversations and the tools to analyze them are in one place, you get the valuable insights and automation you need to take action in the moments that matter.

Deliver Data-Driven Sales Coaching

Conversation intelligence functionality empowers sales managers to train new reps more effectively, spot top performers, and provide feedback that upskill sellers so they can win again and again.

Elevate Go-To-Market Execution

Gain deep revenue intelligence via real-time insights to uncover the ‘why’ behind team performance. In turn, enablement and sales leaders can identify and address poor behavior patterns.

Ready to Accelerate Sales Processes?