Scale Success With a Data-Driven Sales Enablement Strategy

Unleash the true potential of sales enablement to boost sales productivity.

It’s Time for Sales Enablement Teams to Seize the Moment

Sales enablement is absolutely vital for revenue teams to navigate through constant change –from economic headwinds to evolving sales roles. Enablement budgets are increasing. But, so is the pressure. With Highspot, you’ll help your sales organization navigate change, accelerate sales processes, and run rigorous enablement programs that grow revenue.

Drive Strategic Programs

Drive Strategic Initiatives and Programs

Maximize Sales Rep Adoption and ROI

Improve Adoption and Save Sellers Time

Identify Winning Behavior

Identify Skill Gaps and Best Practices

Equip Salespeople With the Right Sales Content at the Right Time

Sales content management organizes resources in one place, ensuring sales teams can keep pace. With Highspot’s sales enablement tool, it’s easy for sales reps to find, share, and customize content, while sales and marketing teams can unlock unprecedented collaboration to develop and deliver the materials that close deals.

Sales Content Management Strategy
  • Ensure sales reps use the latest on-brand content with version control and content-sharing capabilities
  • Bundle in-context content recommendations, including email templates, buyer-persona messaging, and more into customizable sales plays and playbooks
  • Reduce time spent looking for content with AI-powered search, CRM integration, and guided browsing
  • Integrate content management within your current tech stack, so sellers can share content anywhere, whether on email, Slack, or social media
  • Use content performance data and conversion rates to analyze customer pain points and optimize collateral
  • Easily govern and manage content with one-click bulk archiving, updating, and more

Fuel Productivity With Sales Training, Onboarding, and Coaching

Build robust onboarding and training programs that reduce ramp times and ready sellers to close deals and make quota. Sales managers get real-time insights on sales performance, skills gaps, and customer engagement to identify problems quickly and coach reps before deals are on the line.

  • Easily combine lessons, video practice, instructor-led training (ILT), virtual ILT, and Sales Methodology courses in a single onboarding path or certification
  • Reinforce training material in daily workflows, relevant sales plays and playbooks, and more
  • Track learning key performance indicators (KPIs), including course completion and certifications, to ensure sellers master new skills
  • Tailor sales coaching sessions to individual sales reps’ strengths and weaknesses with Rep Scorecards and manager dashboards
  • Run video practice assessments and challenges to boost rep confidence
  • Build role-based skills and competencies with custom grading rubrics

Scale Winning Behaviors With Data-Driven Insights

Build and grow winning teams using a holistic picture of what’s working. Sales enablement managers and sales leaders can access powerful, actionable insights on which behaviors, tactics, strategies, and programs have the most positive impact on deals—leading to better decision-making, and ultimately, higher win rates.

  • Pinpoint areas for improvement with at-a-glance insights from Scorecards for Plays, Content, Governance, Reps, and more
  • Gain unparalleled visibility into the entire customer journey to see which initiatives are resonating most with buyers
  • Organize and customize sales data  into multi-layered report views using grouping and filtering
  • Show how enablement efforts influence revenue to deliver a complete picture of revenue impact
  • Merge enablement metrics with sales team, group, and CRM data points for deeper insight
  • Align sales and marketing stakeholders on what types of content drive more effective buyer interactions and ROI

Revenue Enablement Teams Use Highspot to Make More Reps Successful

Only Highspot delivers a sales enablement platform that helps teams achieve the operational rigor that improves team performance.

Highspot Users Say They Experience:


decrease in sales rep ramp time


increase in win rate


increase in average deal size


increase in pipeline generation


decrease in sales cycle time


increase in sales reps attaining quota

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