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Enable Reps toDrive ConsistentExecution

deliver sales content with Highspot

Deliver Sales Content

Establish a Repeatable Process

Ensure that sales teams are equipped with the content and guidance they need to effectively engage buyers. Reduce time to merchandise and structure content by 75% and drive the effectiveness of your enablement resources.

Land Strategic InitiativeS

Boost Sales Confidence

From compete to new product launch, give sellers context about why initiatives matter and how to execute them. Improve the adoption and execution of strategic initiatives to drive desired business outcomes.

land strategic initiatives
Highspot allows us to prove our impact and be a strategic part of how enablement supports sales and the business.
Kelly Lewis, VP Commercial Strategy and Enablement, Amwell
Kelly Lewis
onboard and up-skill reps

Onboard andUp-skill Reps

Win Larger Deals, Faster

Scale training programs that onboard new reps with the skills, knowledge, and desired behaviours to be successful and reduce rep time to productivity by 20%. Deliver learning programs that provide additional training to transform capabilities and improve performance.

Measure Enablement Performance

Demonstrate the Value of Enablement

Map all enablement deliverables and programs back to business outcomes. Deliver actionable insights to marketing and sales teams on the performance of content, sales plays, and reps to improve go-to-market execution.

measure enablement performance

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The Value of Highspot
for Sales Enablement