AI-Powered Sales Coaching Software: Upskill Sellers

Make every sales rep a top performer with Copilot–your AI coaching assistant.

Ready to Uplevel Performance With a Data-Driven Coaching Programme?

It’s hard to know if your sellers are doing the right thing in sales conversations and where they need to strengthen skills. Highspot bridges the gap between practice and sales execution to boost performance.

No more lost deals due to performance gaps. Sales managers and enablement teams can unlock every sales rep’s potential by harnessing artificial intelligence to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not, quickly upskill sellers, and drive sales effectiveness and consistency at scale.

Validate Rep Performance With Conversation Intelligence

No more ambiguous feedback – tap into sales conversations with Highspot’s conversation intelligence tools and use coaching rubrics to sharpen seller skills. Conversation analysis gives enablement teams and sales managers the ability to understand how tenured and new reps are landing messaging, initiatives, and skills in customer interactions.

Polish Sales Conversation Skills

Gain greater visibility into real-world conversations to share best-in-class examples, build rubrics and training modules that help reps learn how to move each lead forward in the sales process.

Easily Evaluate Sales Meetings

Quickly drill into Zoom and Teams meeting recordings, transcripts, AI-identified conversation topics, objection handling, and more to understand sellers’ effectiveness and coach them better.

Automate Skill Feedback

Speed up the coaching process by letting Copilot review sales reps’ practice pitches and meeting recordings and take the first pass in grading rubrics and delivering instant written feedback.

sales coaching skills

Arm Sales Reps With Mission-Critical Skills

Giving your salespeople the confidence they need to perform in customer conversations starts with practice. Highspot’s AI-driven sales coaching tools enable you to easily spot what top sales performers are doing, pinpoint core skills, and upskill sellers to win again and again.

Deliver Effective Sales Coaching

Identify core competencies; create rubrics, skills assessments, sales training, and certifications; and lead live coaching sessions to help sellers build the right skills they need to succeed.

Boost Readiness with Video Practice

Create video challenges, facilitate role-playing, and share best-in-class sales calls to help sales reps practice newly acquired skills and achieve mastery before deals are on the line.

Scale 1:1 Coaching With AI

Ensure every seller gets instant, personalised coaching on both skills and delivery with AI-powered coaching functionality that provides instant, targeted feedback.

Build a Team of Top-Performing Sales Managers

To be great coaches, sales managers need the right insights, metrics, and guidance, at the right time. Highspot empowers sales leaders and enablement teams to unlock frontline managers as the key to go-to-market success, equipping them with the call coaching tools they need to advance enablement-led coaching initiatives.

sales coaching dashboard

Track Sales Performance

Team Scorecards illuminate rep performance with a dashboard view of all team members so frontline managers can clearly see who is excelling and who is behind the curve on executing critical go-to-market programmes.

Assign Coaching Opportunities

Give frontline managers a view of suggested coaching actions. Prioritise conversations that boost knowledge retention, engagement, and overall productivity.

Replicate Winning Behaviours

Rep Scorecards help managers dive deep into individual seller behaviour, so they can see and provide 1:1 coaching on which content, playbooks, training, and call techniques influence positive outcomes.

Seamlessly Integrate With All of Your Favourite Tools

Extend the value of your tech stack and bring sales enablement directly into your reps’ existing workflow, with Highspot’s ecosystem of 100+ integrations.

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