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Why Enablement? Why Now?

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why you need an enablement platform

Turn Strategy Into Consistent Execution

You have initiatives that you need to execute. The success of these initiatives requires that your reps are executing on these strategies and that you have analytics on how these are landing with your prospects and customers. The right sales enablement approach aligns sales, marketing, and customer success to increase the impact of your most critical growth initiatives.

Right Content, Right Time

Your buyers need compelling content to support their purchasing decisions, which requires your reps to quickly find the latest and most effective content, customise as needed, and pitch materials so they can improve conversions, increase attainment, and increase customer satisfaction. Enablement ensures that your reps find content faster with guidance on how to use the content to increase adoption and win rates.

65% of marketing content never gets used
Better Marketing ROI
The sad fact is that most of your great marketing content never gets used. The right platform gives you visibility and control over all of your investments and delivers a 300%+ increase in content usage by reps, with analytics to continually optimise performance.

Empower Every Rep to Succeed

Your reps need the training to be confident in their abilities to execute consistently, which requires a structured practice environment to know and understand what good looks like with the means for sales leaders to consistently reinforce desired behaviours. Enablement delivers the foundational programs, lessons, courses, and guidance for reps and managers that increase the number of sellers attaining quota and reduce new rep ramp time.

Measure Enablement Impact Instantly

You need to demonstrate the business value of your enablement investments, which requires you to quickly relate the content, guidance, engagement, training, and coaching resources you produce with the opportunities your reps are working on in the CRM system. Enablement seamlessly connects these areas to provide insights into what is working and what needs to be optimised, delivering leading indicators 8 times faster than the traditional spreadsheet and BI-driven approaches.

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