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Accelerate Revenue Growth With Strategic Sales Enablement

An effective sales enablement program in today’s selling context empowers your sales teams to navigate economic headwinds, meet shifting buyer expectations, and beat competition. With Highspot, you’ll give sales and marketing teams the tools, training, and resources to work smarter and faster so they can shorten sales cycles, create high-quality customer experiences, and increase win rates.

Manage Content With Ease

Provide a Modern Buyer Experience

Empower Sales Reps to Sell More

Arm Salespeople With the Right Content at the Right Time

Business moves fast. Content management ensures your sales team can keep up. With Highspot, it’s easy for reps to find, share, and analyse sales collateral, while sales enablement teams and marketing teams can unlock unprecedented collaboration for better business outcomes.

  • Bundle in-context content recommendations, including email templates, buyer-persona messaging and more into customisable sales plays and playbooks
  • Reduce time spent looking for sales enablement content with AI-powered search and guided browsing experiences
  • Pitch content everywhere, whether on email, Slack, or Linkedin
  • Create a data-driven go-to-market strategy that unifies sales and marketing efforts 
  • Use content performance data to analyse breakdowns in the sales funnel and optimise marketing content

Deliver Value at Every Touchpoint in the Buying Process

Create experiences your B2B buyers crave with Highspot’s sales enablement software. Our buyer engagement suite empowers your sales force to create content that solve pain points, wow buyers with digital sales rooms, and more—enabling you to turn  qualified leads into closed deals.

  • Quickly create digital sales rooms and share anywhere, including email or social media 
  • Personalise content for everyone on the buying committee—from decision makers to champions
  • Auto-relate buyer engagement to opportunities in your customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Customise follow-up based on buyer activity metrics and KPIs

Deliver Better Sales Training, Onboarding, and Coaching

Highspot’s sales enablement tool ensures skills of all sales team members are up to the task of creating sales pipeline, engaging buyers, landing your messaging, and closing deals. In turn, empowering sellers to enrich each buyer’s journey and alleviate the complexity of purchase decisions.

  • Rapidly author lessons and courses with pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop builder
  • Create personalised, self-paced courses with learning paths and certifications
  • Embed relevant sales training in sales playbooks and plays
  • Robust training analytics to monitor and optimise learning programs
  • Reinforce onboarding and training on the job to improve knowledge retention
  • Expower sales managers to oversee and coach more effectively

Foundational Capabilities to Elevate and Automate Your Sales Workflows

Sales Enablement AI

AI-Driven Guidance and Insights

Use AI and automation to provide sales reps with targeted content, guidance, and knowledge at the moment of action, learn what’s performing well with collateral, training, and client engagement efforts, and leverage those insights across your company.

Sales Analytics Icon

Actionable Analytics

Get a clear line of sight into rep adoption, go-to-market sales performance, and buyer engagement so marketing, sales enablement, and sales leaders can identify what’s working and quickly take action to optimise execution.

Connect Your Workflows to Enable Sales Reps Everywhere

Seamless Integrations

Extend the value of your tech stack and bring your sales enablement process directly into your sales organisation’s existing workflow, with Highspot’s ecosystem of 100+ integrations.

Security Icon

Security and Compliance

Safeguard your content and data with enterprise-level platform security. Personalised settings let you control asset sharing, and features for compliance ensure you’re keeping up with regulatory and industry standards.

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