The Sales Enablement Platform That Drives Sales Productivity

Manage content, guide, train, and coach sales reps, and analyse success metrics, all within the Highspot sales enablement solution. We support your growth at every step, turning marketing and sales organisations into consistent revenue drivers.

No more patchwork systems—just repeatable sales success.

Sales Productivity Starts With Strategic Sales Enablement

We took core elements of enablement—content management, playbooks, buyer engagement, sales training, and coaching—and built an all-in-one sales enablement platform that makes it easy for salespeople to adopt revenue initiatives, develop new skills, and consistently execute strategies. Actionable reporting empowers you to optimise strategies, driving an agile enablement programme that boosts ROI.

The Sales Enablement Tool You Need to Drive Revenue Growth

The Sales Enablement Software That Powers Customer-Facing Teams

Sales Enablement AI

Award-Winning Artificial Intelligence

Patented generative AI to increase productivity and AI-driven semantic search and content recommendations take the guesswork out of buyer engagement and empower reps to focus on what matters most.

Sales Analytics Icon

Actionable Analytics

Interactive, configurable reporting and role-based scorecards interlinking marketing, enablement and sales analytics help you quickly understand business outcomes and optimise go-to-market performance.

Integrations Icon

Robust Integrations

No matter what’s in your sales tech stack, Highspot offers over 100 integrations, including Microsoft, Slack, social media platforms like LinkedIn, CRM, sales engagement platforms, forecasting tools, and more.

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Security And Compliance

Enterprise-ready security safeguards your content, protects customer data and confidentiality, and ensures compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR.

Make Your Sales Enablement Strategy a Reality With Highspot

We make strategic enablement easy. As your partner, Highspot uplifts your enablement programme and delivers ROI, whether you’re just starting out or scaling your programme.


Our expert sales team will help you learn exactly how Highspot meets your goals and drives business impact.


Try before you buy with trials, demos, and ROI projections so you can validate with stakeholders and invest with confidence.


Your dedicated Account Team will guide your team through launch and develop an integrated solution that’s tailored to your needs.


Deliver comprehensive user onboarding and adoption programmes, supported by our strategic advisors who understand your business.


We partner with you to launch your enablement efforts, instil operational rigour, increase user engagement, and ensure ongoing revenue growth.

The Tool Your Team Needs to Maximise Sales Potential

Only Highspot helps you operationalise your enablement strategy, so you can increase sales pipeline and create repeatable revenue growth. Our customers say they experience:


decrease in sales rep ramp time


increase in win rate


increase in average deal size


increase in pipeline generation


decrease in sales cycle time


increase in sales reps attaining quota

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