Why You Need a Sales Enablement Platform

Improve sales productivity and revenue team performance.

Your Revenue Growth Is at Risk

53% of CROs struggle to increase sales velocity and rep productivity

Source: Independent 3rd-party Research, 2023

72% of salespeople are spending time not selling

Source: Salesforce, 2023

28% of sales reps expect to attain quota this year

Source: Salesforce, 2023

 The Consequences of Traditional Enablement

Most companies buy sales tools to fix one pain point in their sales cycle. This results in a patchwork of disjointed tools, data, and sales enablement processes that threaten consistent, repeatable growth and limit their ability to drive change

  • Enablement teams find it hard to define, orchestrate, and scale what good looks like
  • They can’t hold GTM teams accountable for executing or reinforcing desired behavior changes
  • They can’t easily identify and measure leading indicators that show what’s working and what isn’t
  • They fall far behind the ever-increasing expectations of buyers

Driving consistent sales performance requires a rigourous approach to how you equip, train, and coach your entire revenue team. But mismatched tool stacks make that impossible. So data gets siloed. Sellers get frustrated. The tech becomes difficult to manage. And sales enablement strategies falter. 

The Challenges Are Widespread, But the Solution Is Clear

Leading organizations now realise they must start a major investment cycle in AI-driven sales enablement to stay competitive. Almost half of CROs (48%) expect their spending on enablement to increase this year to overcome these obstacles and drive revenue growth.

The time to adopt a single, unified AI-powered sales enablement platform is now. 

Go-to-Market Teams Need a Unified Sales Enablement Platform

Highspot is the only natively-built sales enablement tool that unlocks sales effectiveness and productivity to help marketing, enablement, and sales organisations increase win rates, land bigger deals, and improve customer experiences.  

Our enterprise-ready sales enablement software powers revenue growth by helping you to:

  • Centrally define and govern a hub for your sales strategies and initiatives with the most effective content, plays, training, and coaching. 
  • Identify and easily scale the best practices that make your team successful so you can drive effective change management.
  • Use in-depth analytics, automation, and AI across your programs and initiatives to gather leading indicators, identify gaps, learn best practices, and evaluate real-world conversations.
  • Modernise your approach to meet the ever-increasing demands of your buyers and revenue teams.

Highspot is the industry’s only unified platform that streamlines sales processes with content management, sales guidance, buyer engagement, sales onboarding and training, and coaching capabilities. By using AI-driven integrations to connect data across all initiatives with your customer relationship management (CRM), you’ll improve revenue outcomes and be able to show exactly how your sales enablement programs made an impact.

As a result, you will drive predictable top-line growth, reduce costs, and supercharge sales productivity.

Real-World Sales Productivity Gains

Only Highspot delivers the sales enablement technology, best practices, and services needed to empower your sales force to close deals faster. With Highspot, global sales enablement teams have achieved:


Increase in win rate


Increase in average deal size


Increase in reps attaining quota


 Increase in revenue from new customers

Ready to enter the new era of sales enablement?