Security and Privacy for Sales Enablement

We double down security, so you can zero in on sales.

Modernise Enablement Initiatives, Minimise Risk

Meet your company’s unique requirements with confidence. Easily configure and customise security and compliance settings, from individual content to your entire platform.

Safeguard Your Content

Guarantee protection and confidentiality the moment you upload to Highspot. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit to comply with industry standards and your unique security requirements.

Personalise Your Security Solutions

Configure security across your entire Highspot ecosystem, so you can manage access, minimise risk, and protect sensitive data.

Maintain Data Privacy

Built-in data privacy measures allow you to focus on enablement efforts with the confidence that you adhere to the most stringent privacy regulations. 

Streamline Security Through  Always-on Systems and Customisable Controls

Simplify Data Protection

By simply uploading content into Highspot, your data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. 

Make it Easy for Sellers to Comply

Out-of-the-box features and automation enable sales reps to easily adhere to your security policy.

Support Privacy Compliance

Comply with local regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA, by leveraging Highspot features built with data privacy principles at the core.

Discover What Highspot’s Secure Enablement Platform Can Do for You.