Achieve More With AI-Powered Sales Enablement

Make Highspot Copilot, your everyday artificial intelligence partner.

Enter a New Era of Sales Productivity

Highspot Copilot, our new generative AI digital assistant, empowers you to improve efficiency throughout your sales process, enabling salespeople to spend more time delivering exceptional customer experiences and closing deals. You’ll unlock immediate value.

Get Instant Answers

Query your entire collection of resources or a single asset and get an AI-generated answer instantly. Sales professionals can then follow up on buyers’ questions in a fraction of the time.

Never Start With a Blank Page Again

Streamline your email creation process by moving reps from ‘writers’ to ‘editors’. Our AI draws from deal stages, past discussion topics, and buyer objections to write perfect prospect emails.

Accelerate Deal Velocity

Spend more time listening and less time writing notes. Copilot automatically generates meeting summaries and follow-ups, freeing up sellers to focus on accelerating deals.

Build Better Sales Content With Data-Driven Insights

Leverage AI to expedite content publishing and improve content adoption by surfacing your marketing team’s content directly in your sales reps’ workflows. Gain smarter insights that enhance decision-making with a comprehensive view of content’s revenue impact and usage.

Generate Sales Content Descriptions

Marketing and sales enablement teams can use Copilot to generate relevant content descriptions—ensuring sales teams and buyers receive clear, compelling context alongside every asset.

Get Complete Content Insights

Content Genomics™ uses machine learning algorithms to track and aggregate engagement metrics across different content versions. Understand the impact of customizations to drive better content optimization.

Tie Every Engagement to Revenue

With AI-driven inferencing, Engagement Genomics™ automatically relates buyer engagement to customer relationship management (CRM) records, powering a complete view of enablement’s impact on revenue.

Sales Enablement Meeting Review

Upskill Sales Reps With AI-Powered Sales Coaching, at Scale

Make training and onboarding faster and more effective with our AI-powered sales coach. Highspot Copilot equips sales managers with advanced conversation intelligence tools that remove admin work, so you can dedicate time to providing high-value feedback that enhances sales conversion rates and elevates overall team performance.

Provide Just-In-Time Coaching

Our AI tools give sellers real-time, personalized guidance on how to fine-tune selling skills by analyzing tone, filler words, and words per minute in customer interactions and micro-learning quizzes.

Automate Manager Feedback

Use the power of AI to evaluate reps’ practice sales pitches and meeting recordings instantly by letting Copilot take the first pass at grading rubrics and writing feedback on reps’ skills.

Enable Insight-Driven Coaching

Give managers a timeline of reps’ recordings from Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings with AI-identified conversation topics, presented content, buyer objections, and key points discussed.

Operationalise a Next Level Sales Enablement Strategy With AI

Supercharge Sales Productivity

Guide your sales force with the right tools and experiences — ensuring they are prepared to engage, follow up, and close every deal whether on email, social media, or in person.

Refocus Seller Attention

Leverage automation to remove repetitive, mundane tasks and empower them to focus attention on uncovering and addressing buyer pain points, ultimately—speeding up sales cycles.

Inform Reliable Revenue Planning

With dependable data and an integrated tech stack, sales leaders can accurately predict pipeline, sales forecast, and win rate.

Turbocharge Velocity With an AI-Powered Sales Enablement Tool

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