How Rimini Street Improved Adoption by 10x

Rimini Street switched to Highspot to equip sales reps with accessible content and actionable insights.

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  • 10+ Hours Saved Looking for Content
  • 10x More Adoption Over Former Solution
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Rimini Street exists to help enterprise customers achieve greater value from their maintenance and support services. The company is just 15 years old and already a leader in the enterprise software support marketplace, with 25 global offices and over a thousand employees. “We have seen some incredible growth to become an industry leader,” says Dan Ashton, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Rimini Street. “It’s an exciting time to be a part of the enterprise software support market.” But, keeping pace with an expanding market means helping sales reps succeed. needed anew solution to help reps navigate its complex sales cycle.


Keeping Pace With an Expanding Market

When it came to wooing new clients, Rimini Street’s main challenge was a long and complicated sales cycle and an abundance of product lines, all with their own nuances. “We have 30 different product lines,” says Ashton. “And, we often pitch directly to the C-suite, but then have to engage with many stakeholders like legal, IT, and security teams.” To make matters even more complex, sales reps routinely spend a year or more pursuing new clients.

Using Rimini Street’s previous sales enablement solution, reps had difficulty finding the content they needed and lacked analytics capabilities to help them craft the most effective approach for each prospective client. “With our previous solution, searching for content was something you dreaded. People would tell us it was so difficult to find assets that they often gave up searching,” remembers Ashton.

It was clear we needed to upgrade from our previous sales enablement platform. We chose Highspot to help reps get just the right content for the right stakeholder faster and with less searching.
Dan Ashton, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Rimini Street
Dan Ashton

Transforming the Rep Experience

Now, instead of losing time searching unsuccessfully for documents, Rimini Street reps are finding it easier than ever to uncover just the right assets. “The experience with Highspot is worlds away, the search functionality speaks for itself,” says Ashton. Now, instead of losing time searching unsuccessfully for documents, RiminiStreet reps are finding it easier than ever to uncover just the right assets.

The move to Highspot also equipped sales reps with newfound insights thanks to the solution’s rich analytics capabilities. “The whole sales force knows how crucial it is to pitch from Highspot,” says Ashton. “That is how we get the benefits of Highspot’s analytics and make sure the latest content is always used.”

Reps at Rimini Street now embed NDA’s directly into their pitches. “Now, we can see if prospects are neglecting to download NDA’s, rather than assuming that the documents are tied up in legal,” explains Luke Guerin, program manager of global sales enablement operations. “It’s a huge advantage to get that data from Highspot, because we can now follow up strategically and accelerate certain steps.”

In evaluating a new sales enablement tool, it was crucial that Rimini Street find a solution that delivered value right off the bat. After selecting Highspot as its new sales enablement platform, Rimini Street started on a rapid implementation. “We moved 1,500 assets to Highspot, getting feature parity plus 30% more, in just 21 days” says Ashton. “One of our biggest concerns was if we would be able to pull it off in such a short amount of time. In the past, it was hard to deliver ROI from our sales enablement platform, but with Highspot, we came out swinging largely thanks to the fantastic support of Highspot’s onboarding team.” “Highspot rules!” adds Guerin.

Rimini Street is now focused on expanding the use of the tools beyond the sales team. “Our whole revenue team is around 800 people,” says Ashton. “All those folks are in Highspot and loving it. Now we are bringing additional organizations into the fold.” For Ashton, the fact that Highspot offers value to many different business units is one of its unique features. “It’s so easy to motivate user groups beyond sales to use Highspot,” he says. “For instance, we showed our global client engagement team they could use Highspot to create beautiful portals for clients and standardize templates for consistent messaging across the organization.

Highspot helps us as an enablement organisation drive strategic impact across the company. Plus it's exciting to see the enthusiasm for Highspot throughout all parts of the business.
Luke Guerin, Program Manager, Global Sales Enablement Operations, Rimini Street
Luke Guerin

The Value of Searchable Content and Rich Insights

In addition to making it easier for reps to browse content, the AI features in Highspot are helping generate insights as well. “We are benefiting from AI already,” says Ashton.

Now that reps find it easier to uncover content, Ashton anticipates a reduction in the time spent on certain aspects of the sales cycle. “It’s always been important to us to send thoughtful content for every stage of the sales journey,” he says.“Highspot makes it easy to nurture early and late-stage relationships”. For instance, reps use the tool to share news articles that are relevant to a particular prospect so they can continue to develop relationships that might otherwise turn stale. “Using Highspot to elevate the buyer journey has led to driving more pipeline, less stalled deals, and better engagement with buyers in new channels, like LinkedIn. We are confident Highspot is the right solution for us,” concludes Ashton. “We already have 10x more adoption than the previous solution, and we are just getting started.”

Using Highspot to elevate the buyer journey has lead to driving more pipeline, less stalled deals, and better engagement with buyers.

Dan Ashton, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Rimini Street

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