How Lusha Increased Rep Engagement by 204%

Lusha ensures access to a collection of content and training that’s actionable, insightful, and matches rep needs.

increased rep engagement in enablement programs
content findability achieved
recurring usage within the new unified platform


With more than six years focused on developing great data for salespeople, the team at Lusha knows that a deep understanding of sales enablement begins with resources built to meet their needs. This is challenging enough when your team works in one place, but to make things even more complex, the Lusha team works out of two offices – one in Boston and one in Tel Aviv. As a fast-growing startup, Lusha has worked hard to develop enablement resources that support its global go-to-market organization. With Highspot, Lusha’s team has improved the consistency and accessibility of its enablement programs across the global organization through a unified strategy, increasing rep engagement in their enablement programs by an incredible 204%.






Ongoing Resource Consistency Issues Limit Productivity

Prior to using Highspot, Lusha was struggling to understand how, when, and why their team was using their content. Consistency in how the materials were being updated was a challenge, and “a lot of the things that we were doing were sort of like making content for the sake of content rather than really understanding who’s engaging with what and what the true need is,” explained Inbar Yagur, the director of content and product marketing at Lusha.

There was also little clarity on what resources were intended for internal use and which were designed for external engagements. This made it challenging for people to find what they needed, leading many sales reps to create their own offline collections of materials that were impossible for the content team to oversee or update. This resource management oversight led to a lack of enforcement in messaging and gaps in product knowledge.

Another opportunity grew out of Lusha’s prior training and onboarding routines. “As a six-year-old startup a lot of training and onboarding was reliant on the hiring manager, and the quality of that onboarding was really reliant on the manager who had the time, bandwidth, and personal discipline to make an excellent first 90 days,” said Tim Stansky, director of global sales enablement and training at Lusha. This made consistent development of sales skills and knowledge among new hires difficult.


Unified Enablement Improves Role Clarity and Confidence

To help support their growing team, Lusha leveraged Highspot’s unified platform to ensure that new hires and seasoned sales reps alike could benefit from personalized enablement and training materials delivered in a way that suits their needs. 

For example, organizing their content into Highspot allowed the Lusha team to gain much greater visibility into how salespeople engaged with it. This helped them plan ahead and create more effective enablement materials, giving sales reps a deeper understanding of why they’re selling what they’re selling and how they can convey these benefits and use cases to the customer directly. 

To further enhance effectiveness, the Lusha team has implemented governance standards such as categorizing content for internal or external usage and archiving outdated content. Ultimately, these efforts helped drive an 88% improvement in overall content efficiency. 

Additionally, the Lusha team leveraged Highspot’s Training & Coaching capabilities to develop robust product certification courses, which have been integral to helping Lusha sellers absorb the material in a way that matched their individual learning styles. The ability to assign managers a rubric in Highspot to certify their own people ensured a high success rate, helping managers “meet the learner where they are, where they’re more comfortable,” explained Stansky.

The ability to shape our Highspot into internal and external resources for the go-to-market organization created more clarity. The content team has done a great job of ensuring that the content is fresh and accurate, and that obsolete information is removed.

Tim StanksyDirector of Global Sales Enablement and Training, Lusha


Enhanced Rep Engagement Paves the Way for Evolved Enablement

Since implementing Highspot, the Lusha team has ensured access to a premium collection of content and training that’s actionable, insightful, and matches rep needs. “We don’t want people to work hard to find what they need, and I think that’s true throughout the whole journey,” noted Yagur. With more clarity for reps on what they need to be successful in their roles, the Lusha team has driven outstanding improvements in rep engagement, including achieving an 82% recurring usage rate of the platform and increasing rep engagement in enablement programs by 204%.

With this deep engagement from reps, the Lusha team can continue to drive transformation to evolve alongside market changes.

What great looks like is adapting to how the marketplace is, how our buyers are, and how our existing customers are. In terms of our strategy going forward, I think Highspot is going to play a really significant role.

Inbar YagurDirector of Content and Product Marketing, Lusha

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