How Alight Cut Sales Cycle Time by 9%

Alight boosts rep productivity and efficiency with Highspot’s integrated training and coaching.

decrease in sales cycle time
increase in deal size
improvement in active learners


Data-driven and human-centric, Alight is transforming the way thousands of organizations across the globe operate. Its people-first approach to HR management has reprioritized employee well-being in an increasingly hectic age, providing data-backed solutions to address organizations’ most pressing challenges. Seeing its reps grow frustrated with disjointed solutions and a training platform that jolted them out of their flow of work, Alight made the switch to Highspot. By easing the pain of modern selling, Alight shows that its commitment to employee well-being extends into its internal teams.






Siloed Training Solution Introduces Painful Inefficiencies

For Alight, efficiency isn’t just a goal; it’s an organization-wide North Star guiding its every decision. But as Alight’s sales team grew, it soon realized its existing tech stack wasn’t driving efficiency — it was impeding it. “Assessing the right tools and tech stack is so important for any business — I can’t stress that enough,” shared Carolyn Hoang, senior director of revenue enablement at Alight Solutions. 

This need became evident for the team after implementing their previous solution, an isolated learning management system that failed to deliver the sales readiness improvements it promised. Unable to integrate with Alight’s existing technology, it introduced numerous inefficiencies that Alight’s enablement team was forced to resolve. “Some of the challenges I’ve seen most frequently are fragmented workflows, utilizing multiple tools that a rep needs to switch between,” explained Hoang. “A place that’s also been challenging is data silos. Every tool has its own data repository, but when they’re not speaking to one another or the systems are not integrated, that poses a huge challenge.” 

Frequent swivel-chairing and an absence of native integrations resulted in lost productivity, wasted time, cross-team frustration, and ultimately, Alight’s decision to seek a new solution. Determined to find a partner to equip its reps with the tools they needed to succeed, Alight implemented Highspot.

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So many factors went into ultimately making the switch to Highspot as our go-to platform. But it was more about the technology that could support our organization’s ever-evolving needs and help us enable our sellers most effectively and efficiently.

Carolyn HoangSenior Director of Revenue Enablement , Alight


Consolidated Platform Creates Unified, Data-backed Workflow

Since switching to Highspot, Alight has felt the night-and-day difference of a comprehensive, well-integrated solution. “A unified platform provides a seamless and intuitive experience on the front and back end,” noted Hoang. Now equipped with built-in analytics and seamless integrations, Alight’s enablement team is better prepared to make data-driven decisions in designing and delivering key programs. For a team that historically lacked the visibility of data, it’s a huge victory.

These insights have proven essential as the team prepares to launch its newly reimagined training program. With learning located directly within their workflow instead of in a separate tool, reps find it easier to engage with training experiences. By easing the pain of platform-switching — and leveraging Rep Scorecards to assess learning engagement — Alight has driven a 57% increase in active learning. “We want to make sure our sales teams are well-equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to succeed,” explained Hoang. “Highspot plays a crucial role in delivering personalized training and coaching and the on-demand resources we’re building out to support ongoing learning and development.” With more reps engaging with learning experiences than ever before, Alight has taken the first step toward unlocking sales readiness, helping to decrease sales cycle time by 9%.

Even still, the pursuit of efficiency never ends, and the team isn’t stopping there. Already planning new ways to deepen their use of the platform, they’re creating strong connective tissue throughout their go-to-market motion and achieving the revenue returns their previous solution couldn’t support.

Data-driven insights are so important. They help us inform and better enable our reps and make decisions that can help continuously improve our content, training, and platform.

Carolyn HoangSenior Director of Revenue Enablement, Alight


Enablement Partners Establish Future-oriented Foundation

Driven by efficiency, dedicated to the employee experience, and newly equipped with modern, needle-moving tools, Alight has upleveled rep performance to new heights. Already, Alight has driven an 11% increase in average deal size — and it isn’t stopping there. And with its sales teams growing faster than ever, Alight is ensuring every rep is equipped to drive its strategy. “We plan on leveraging Highspot to continue optimizing our content strategy,” added Hoang. “We want to ensure our customer-facing teams are accessing the right content at the right time and that we’re enabling them to engage their customers and drive better outcomes.” As it achieves goal after goal, Alight continues to see new opportunities to innovate — and its enablement team is full of bright ideas for how to do so with Highspot.

As our organization grows, we will continue to scale our enablement programs — and how we enable — to support the needs of our expanding sales force. Highspot’s scalability and flexibility allow us to enable and deploy the programs we need at scale.”

Carolyn HoangSenior Director of Revenue Enablement, Alight

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