How Allianz Trade Increased Quota Attainment by 20%

Allianz Trade saved reps 15 hours per week, and improved win rate by 10% with Highspot.

Key Results
  • 20% increase in quota attainment
  • 15 hours saved per week for reps
  • 10% improvement in win rate
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Allianz Trade is the global leader in trade credit insurance, helping businesses minimize credit risk, protect contractual obligations, and safeguard business integrity so that they can trade with confidence. As a company in a unique market, Allianz Trade needed a way to effectively equip sellers with the right information to help them do their jobs. But without a single source of truth, Allianz Trade struggled to enable its sellers with the latest and greatest resources to best engage with clients. With Highspot, Allianz Trade found a way to not only better equip its team, but measure its efforts and drive the bottom line


Inconsistency From Lack of Infrastructure

Allianz Trade aims to help its clients successfully reach their long-term business goals. However, without a sufficient sales enablement platform, it struggled to equip sellers with the resources they needed to sustain long-term success. Lacking a single source of truth, there was no consistent way to house and access up-to-date sales content, leading to widespread version control issues. As a result, ensuring content relevance proved difficult.

Meanwhile, given the unique focus of Allianz Trade’s business, new sellers entering the organization often come in with little specialized knowledge of the industry. “Our sellers are coming in from ground zero. They don’t know much about trade credit insurance,” explained Bernstein. “If they do, it’s just a bonus.” This made it essential for sellers to have access to both critical sales materials and learning at their fingertips. However, Allianz Trade not only lacked a sales enablement platform, it also lacked a dedicated enablement practice. To help sellers get up to speed quickly and remain productive throughout their tenure, Allianz Trade knew it needed to invest in enablement.

Because many of our agents were old-school, they would try to save a version and never update it again.

Alyce Bernstein, Sales Enablement Specialist, Allianz Trade
Alyce Bernstein

Boosting Impact With a Dedicated Enablement Platform and Team

Armed with a single source of truth, Allianz Trade was able to drive behavior change among sellers to access all of their sales assets in Highspot. With sellers trusting the system to find the right information, adoption skyrocketed, resulting in better alignment and consistent messaging across the team. Plus, with Highspot’s Engagement Genomics, Allianz Trade now is able to track the ROI of content to identify areas of improvement and recommend impactful material for sellers to send.

Ultimately, this early success and enthusiasm from sellers fueled the foundation of an official enablement function at the company. “Highspot opened the door for us and really kickstarted our enablement teams,” said Bernstein. “We were the first region to have a dedicated sales enablement specialist and from there, we’ve been able to expand what we do with Highspot.”

With a true enablement function powered by an advanced solution, Allianz Trade was then able to revolutionize its seller onboarding program. Using Training and Coaching capabilities to build robust courses, Allianz Trade reduced the time facilitators used to spend in sessions while also making it easier for sellers to access training when they need it. “Highspot has been able to make our onboarding not only better for sellers, but easier for our subject matter experts who are doing the trainings,” described Bernstein. “We’re able to record short videos, post them on Highspot, ask questions, and then have them put it into practice.” And with analytics in the platform, Allianz Trade tracks how sellers were developing throughout their onboarding to optimize as necessary. This efficient process has helped the team save reps 15 hours per week.


Having a single source of truth helps us make sure that we don't have agents sending outdated content or going off message.

Alyce Bernstein, Sales Enablement Specialist, Allianz Trade

Enablement Drives Business

With Highspot, Allianz Trade had the infrastructure it needed to drive engagement among the team and impact as a company. “For the first time ever, we were able to get a 98% adoption rate within the first few months of launching a new platform,” noted Bernstein. With such strong adoption and trust in the solution, Allianz Trade’s sales team has seen significant impact on business results, including a 20% increase in quota attainment and a 10% increase in win rate. And that impact is only growing.

As the momentum of Highspot continues to grow at the organization, so does the visibility of the overall impact of enablement on the business. This has helped to prove the value of investment in enablement as a practice in addition to the platform. “Highspot has been a game changer for our organization,” said Bernstein. “It’s really established our enablement program within our organization and has been incredible to use.”


Within the first year, we were able to track at least $3 million in premium. From there, it’s gone up to about $10 million, which has been incredible to see.

Alyce Bernstein, Sales Enablement Specialist, Allianz Trade

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