How Allianz Trade Increased Quota Attainment by 20%

Allianz Trade saved reps 15 hours per week, and improved win rate by 10% with Highspot.

Key Results
  • 20% increase in quota attainment
  • 15 hours saved per week for reps
  • 10% improvement in win rate
Company Size



Financial Services


Allianz Trade is the global leader in trade credit insurance, helping businesses minimise credit risk, protect contractual obligations, and safeguard business integrity so that they can trade with confidence. As a company in a unique market, Allianz Trade needed a way to effectively equip sellers with the right information to help them do their jobs. But without a single source of truth, Allianz Trade struggled to enable its sellers with the latest and greatest resources to best engage with clients. With Highspot, Allianz Trade found a way to not only better equip its team, but measure its efforts and drive the bottom line

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