How Finastra Drove a 50% Increase in Influenced Pipeline

Discover how Highspot has made life simpler for Finastra’s teams and influenced a broad spectrum of deals.

increase in marketing-influenced pipeline
improvement in content accuracy and relevance
improvement in recurring usage of Highspot


As one of the world’s leading FinTech companies, Finastra develops and delivers innovative software that powers a vast network of financial institutions. Their solutions are delivered to more than 8,000 organisations by an interconnected team spread across the globe. To ensure their products and software meet the needs of their customers, their sales efforts are driven forward by a team using a sophisticated tech stack to keep data and information together. To improve the efficiency, accuracy, and customisability of their sales and marketing efforts, Finastra sought to integrate Highspot into their tech stack. Early signs showed it drove the team to archive 20% of their content to ensure accuracy and relevance, making it easier for their team to deliver better experiences for clients worldwide.


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Poor Version Control Leads to Inaccurate Data

With a large workforce spread around the world, it was essential for Finastra to ensure that team members were all working with accurate, up-to-date content. Unfortunately, their previous system was a first-generation content management system (CMS) that offered inaccurate data on usage and version control.

Additionally, if a seller wanted to see what was in a particular document, they would have to download it first, then find the information. As such, there was no accurate trackability, and changes to a document could only be made by looking up the owner and manually requesting edits through either email or internal messaging. This led to incorrect and inaccurate figures being used across sales collaterals.

These ongoing issues made it difficult for stakeholders in sales and marketing to remain in alignment, hindering overall sales enablement efforts. Even though marketing teams were creating excellent content to support sales efforts, there was no understanding of how it was being used or whether it resonated. The Finastra team needed a better solution, and they hoped to find an option that could integrate off-the-shelf with the other systems they had in play, including Salesforce and SDR Outreach system. They also wanted an alternative that could eventually replace repositories like Sharepoint, which was not easily searchable. “For me, the dream would be if this was one platform for the whole company’s sales and marketing,” explained Harjeet Singh, senior director of marketing operations at Finastra.

Documents were stored in various repositories. One document could be in two or three different libraries, and each one would have a different version. There was no connection to one particular parent document.

Harjeet SinghSr. Director of Marketing Operations, Finastra


A Centralised Platform Increases Accuracy and Confidence

To ensure all Finastra team members were working with the same documents and data, senior leaders from across the organisation came together to search for a sales enablement platform. After aligning on desired outcomes with various stakeholder groups, Finastra chose to partner with Highspot due to its robust integrations and delightful user experience that could seamlessly be embedded into seller workflows as a single source of truth. This helped Finastra get its platform fully operational sooner than anticipated. 

The team immediately noticed how Highspot made it easy to be confident in the accuracy of their sale enablement materials. Sellers could search the whole system and find the document they needed immediately. Plus, they no longer had to download it to check its accuracy – they could look it over quickly and trust that it was the correct version based on its history. With actionable insights into their content governance health, the solution team then removed nearly 20% of existing documents, items that were either out-of-date or duplicates. Streamlining their materials and making them easier to search has led to about a 14% boost in recurring usage.

Additionally, Finastra’s operations team can now track how materials are being used to inform the sales content strategy. “Now, we know what part of the document is being used properly and what part of the document is not being used properly,” shared Singh. “We know exactly where they should be investing time.” This has helped demonstrate clear ROI not just from an operations perspective but also for marketers, content creators, and sellers.

The biggest features were certainly ease of use and also the ease of integration. All the other systems we had in our stack, from the training to our SDR outreach, were literally demonstrated to be straightaway integrable.

Harjeet SinghSr. Director of Marketing Operations, Finastra


Aligning Sales and Marketing Increases Pipeline

Collaboration between departments has markedly improved since implementing Highspot, thanks to their growing reliance on and trust in the platform. Being able to trust the data from within, Highspot has not only made life simpler for sales and marketing leaders and sellers – but it has also influenced a broad spectrum of Finastra’s deals. While Finastra is still early in its partnership with Highspot, the team has been able to track at least a 50% increase in its marketing-influenced pipeline since implementation. “I’m really happy with the initial results,” said Singh.

When marketing operations speaks to sales, we're much more armed with all types of analytics. There is total trust in the data that the system provides.

Harjeet SinghSr. Director of Marketing Operations, Finastra

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