How PitchBook Boosted Influenced Revenue by $2.2 Million

PitchBook equips reps to succeed in challenging scenarios and gains line of sight into influenced revenue with Highspot.

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For capital market professionals looking for the most up-to-date and accurate data, there’s no resource more critical than PitchBook. Tracking data across the ever-evolving financial landscape, PitchBook indexes insights across more than 3.6 million companies and shares it across products available for every device and user. With offices tracing the globe, PitchBook’s reps face a monumental challenge: selling to a rapidly changing international market. To equip its reps to succeed in increasingly challenging sales scenarios, PitchBook implemented Highspot to help them capitalize on every available opportunity. 


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Changes in the Sales Cycle Spark New Challenges

Gradually, PitchBook’s reps noticed a new challenge stalling their deals: Decisions were no longer just made by individuals—they were made by committees. 

No longer selling to boots-on-the-ground users, PitchBook’s reps now needed to reach stakeholders at every level of the organization. “You’re dealing with unreachable people,” added Osborne. “They’re never on the phone, they’re rarely in conversations.” As the revenue enablement team considered the best way to rise above this new challenge, one question surfaced for the team: “How are we equipping our teams to reach that larger council of buyers and reach that decision maker?” asked Osborne. To help address these challenges and better engage buyers in this complex selling environment, PitchBook sought an enablement partner in Highspot.

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There’s a dynamic shift now in our sales cycle. It’s no longer a single person we’re talking to in each deal—it’s a buyer council, all the way up to the board at times.

David OsborneSenior Manager of Revenue Enablement, PitchBook


Driving Consistent Execution to Engage Modern Buyers

To help overcome sales cycle complexity, PitchBook’s revenue enablement team set out to prepare reps for every sales scenario. “We created Sales Plays around new feature releases, client migration efforts, and even just client segments and personas,” noted Osborne. “We show the discovery questions our teams should be prepared to ask and the content they can use for these specific personas and segments by sales stage.” With Plays mapping best-practice behavior—and 79% of reps engaging with them—the team cultivated consistency, aligning the bulk of their sales force to strategies proven to propel deals forward. 

With actionable insights in Highspot, the team was easily able to identify these strategies. These insights provided the team a window into their impact, helping them iterate their Plays to better address real-world buyer needs. “We’re identifying the things reps need to know, say, show, and do to boost their conversion efforts and opportunity,” explained Osborne.

To refine their strategy further, the team embraced buyer engagement capabilities in Highspot. Rather than inundating buyers with email after email throughout the sales process, reps only had to share a single Digital Room. Then, they could update it over time to address the stakeholders that emerged throughout a deal. “Digital Rooms have been a big play for us,” shared Osborne. After building Digital Room templates tailored to every persona and segment, the team saw a 20% rise in buyer engagement. Now, with a strategic approach to buyer engagement and capabilities to deliver it, PitchBook’s reps are better equipped to succeed in the modern sales environment and reach key stakeholders at every level.

One of the things I love about Highspot is how it ties so well into our CRM. We can see influenced revenue and how content plays out across the different stages.

David OsborneSenior Manager of Revenue Enablement, PitchBook


Navigating Complexity and Influencing Revenue With Digital Rooms

Since implementing Highspot, PitchBook’s revenue enablement team has achieved target after target. From scaling Play usage across its sales force to honing best-practice strategies for every deal scenario, the team has risen to the challenge of engaging even the most complex buyers. With internal and external engagement at an all-time high, the team is well on its way to achieving its next milestone.

Having realized such significant returns, the team knows their impact will only grow. “With Highspot, the momentum is definitely building,” added Bridget Smith, sales enablement specialist at PitchBook. Looking ahead, the team sees AI as the key to propelling that momentum even further and is already outlining a plan to leverage Highspot’s AI capabilities to compound the impact on their revenue outcomes. “When I think about the way our business is going to continually use Highspot, one of the things I’m most excited about is the conversation around AI,” concluded Osborne. “I can’t wait to see the ways we’re able to use it.”


We’ve already achieved $2.2 million of influenced revenue with Digital Rooms. It is ramping very quickly.

David OsborneSenior Manager of Revenue Enablement, PitchBook

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