How Visa Increased User Engagement by 17%

Visa empowers users through robust content governance and an integrated platform.

Key Results
  • 77% recurring usage of Highspot
  • 60% well-governed content
  • 17% increase in user engagement
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Financial Services


A trusted leader in digital payments — that’s how Visa, a financial services provider used across the globe, describes a cornerstone value to its mission. To maintain the trust Visa built its brand around, it needed an equally trustworthy solution to enable its sales processes. As such, Visa wanted more than just a quick fix: It sought a long-lasting partnership with an enablement platform equipped to adhere to its high standards for security and user-centric beliefs — in short, a partner that could operate in alignment with every aspect of its essential values. After a false start with a homegrown solution, Visa turned to Highspot.


A Custom-Built Solution Falters at Scale

With thousands of sales assets and an abundance of users seeking to leverage them, Visa’s enablement team inherited time-consuming content governance responsibilities — and their existing solution couldn’t keep pace. “We were on a custom solution built on a third-party platform,” shared Swathi Padmanabhan, senior business planning manager at Visa. “That did not really make for a bespoke experience for our users. The day-to-day upkeep was very manual, time-consuming, and effort intensive.” 

Spending hours uploading and maintaining content consumed time that could have been invested in solutioning. More than just frustrating, it limited the team’s ability to drive impact for sales teams. But cumbersome content management was only the tip of the iceberg for Visa’s enablement team. In the absence of native analytics, they lacked the insight to gauge the value of their efforts and to adjust their strategy with data-backed agility. “We did not have that true visibility into whether this platform was enabling our sellers — and if and how effective it was,” noted Padmanabhan. “We were not in a position to help inform the content strategy for the many teams that go into enabling sales.” 

As the inefficiencies compounded, the team knew change was the only answer. It was a lofty vision, one that would reimagine Visa’s existing enablement framework. But, with Highspot, Padmanabhan and her team had the tools to bring it to life. 

At Visa, enablement focuses on empowering our sellers. To do that, we needed a best-in-class sales enablement framework. We needed a partner that could adhere to our stringent needs, be user-centric, and continue to guide and enable our landscape.

Swathi Padmanabhan, Senior Business Planning Manager, Visa
Swathi Padmanabhan

A Unified Platform Provides a Foundation For Growth

When implementing Highspot, Padmanabhan and her team hit the ground running, targeting governance inefficiencies and inconsistencies. “From an administrative point of view, robust governance out of the box ensures we are able to always have accountability for what’s happening,” explained Padmanabhan. These efforts paid off, earning Visa a 60% well-governed content rate — a vast improvement over its previous solution. For the first time, the enablement team could feel confident that reps could easily surface the right content at the right time — without spending hours doing so. “The amount of time people spend consuming content is much higher than the amount of time people spend hunting content,” added Padmanabhan. 

But content management was just the start. With Highspot’s partnership, Visa began evolving their enablement ecosystem. Highspot’s unified solution made once-painful processes simple, housing both enablement initiatives, essential content, and rep workflows in a centralized platform. “Our sellers can access the knowledge platform from right within the Dynamics CRM, which makes for a very in-the-flow-of-work experience,” said Padmanabhan. 

With all sales activities occurring within Highspot — and with 77% recurring usage of the platform — Padmanabhan and her team had a line of sight into rep behavior and performance. “In terms of the data issues we cited, we can now see and show that we are absolutely on track to continue growing, powered by a market leader in the enablement space,” enthused Padmanabhan. Nearly a year into this journey, Visa has established an unshakeable foundation upon which they are excited to build more. And, with the enablement team just beginning to branch into Sales Plays and other capabilities, they’re already beginning to do so.

We can now say we have a knowledge network. It’s not yet another tool among the many sales tools at any company — it’s an integrated solution.

Swathi Padmanabhan, Senior Business Planning Manager, Visa

An Evolving Partnership Equipped for the Future

From content chaos to ease of access and from discordant tech solutions to a unified platform — Visa’s partnership with Highspot may be young, but it has been nothing short of impactful. The transition from a stagnant, siloed solution to an ever-growing, unified platform provided Visa’s enablement team with the support they needed as they began to reimagine what enablement looked like at Visa. 

With less time lost to insufficient solutions, Visa’s enablement team can finally direct their full attention toward their central focus: empowering their sellers. Having achieved an 85% content findability rate, the team soon saw returns that had been impossible under their previous solution. This has helped the team increase user engagement in enablement programs by 17%.

But, more than anything, Visa found in Highspot a partner that is not only equipped to evolve but is also enthusiastic about doing so. For example, the team plans to continue to drive innovation in their enablement programs by leveraging the latest AI capabilities in the Highspot platform. “With Highspot, we have a fantastic partnership that’s committed to enabling Visa,” added Padmanabhan.


We have a source of truth for sales content, which we did not have prior. We have data that empowers people to make the right decisions.

Swathi Padmanabhan, Senior Business Planning Manager, Visa

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