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How AI Unlocks a Competitive Advantage in Increasing GTM Performance

Posted in:  Sales Enablement Strategy

Most people do not understand the critical need for business growth and strong revenue-generating performance better than Sales and Revenue Operations (RevOps) teams. As sellers race to beat the competition and facilitate growth within their companies, RevOps and sales enablement teams are investigating every way they can boost sales at a reduced cost. With business survival now more difficult than ever, those capabilities are a necessary investment.

Creating a competitive advantage through new technology is imperative in that process. Giving reps the tools they need to drive strong, consistent performance ensures your revenue-generating teams meet their goals to impact an organization’s bottom line. Leaders that are ahead of the curve understand AI is the best way to gain that competitive edge. By arming them with never-before-possible capabilities across a variety of tools and resources, AI can help your RevOps and sales enablement teams have what they need to equip their sellers.

AI-Powered Tools Don’t Just Allow Survival — They Pave the Way for Growth

Growth is essential in today’s crowded market flush with no-decision rates and fierce competition. It’s not enough for companies to make ends meet; they must set themselves up for future success. AI can optimize and automate processes that drive better productivity. Ever wasted time typing up meeting notes? AI can handle that.

Better, automated data integration and coaching can also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams. These features allow revenue teams to understand what behaviors top reps use specifically that make them high performers. And those productivity gains afforded by AI are imperative to creating a competitive advantage that allows teams to win.

AI Bridges the Need for Increased Performance and Productivity

Thanks to these tools, what once looked impossible with strapped budgets and reduced headcount becomes entirely realistic. AI can harness teams’ critical skills by streamlining other processes that either require less focus from a seller or can be automated altogether. That increased productivity allows enablement, RevOps, and sales teams to focus on the cornerstone of revenue growth: consistent sales performance.

From a tactical perspective, AI data integration can take teams to the next level. With AI, RevOps teams can receive instant insights through AI’s ability to better analyze and collect data.

These actionable insights boost seller performance and maintain the consistency that brings sales success. This data integration also enables RevOps and sales teams to free up their calendars from manual information-gathering and analysis. The resulting increase in efficiency and productivity creates an advantage over teams swamped with work better relegated to AI tools.

AI Maximizes Velocity for Stronger Sales

Better data integration and analysis also mean better coaching and training programs that reinforce strong seller behaviors. Revenue-generating teams need the kind of velocity that streamlines a buyer’s journey and increases the sales pipeline to optimize deals — and coaching can provide that.

AI-powered coaching gives real-time feedback and removes steps in the processes for sellers to improve while incorporating learnings from both RevOps and sales enablement data. These instant, actionable insights help them understand where to improve, and where to stay consistent.

This coaching, based on that integrated data, allows improvement upon important metrics like ramp-up time, win rates, and overall productivity. Companies have to get more consistent and faster in terms of sales. AI can advise, co-create, and answer anything to help sales teams secure better, quicker sales.

It’s Not the New Frontier, It’s Already Here — And It’s the Competitive Advantage

Companies and leaders often treat AI as the next revolution rather than what it is: today’s reality. With 55% of companies already increasing their investment in AI tools, nobody can ignore this opportunity for business growth without a major risk of falling behind.

With its power to increase performance, productivity, and velocity, teams equipped with AI will have a competitive advantage over their competitors. Integrating and investing in these tools will allow leaders to see visible, meaningful results while other organizations flounder to stay afloat.

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