How Jellyvision Boosted Buyer Engagement by 59%

Jellyvision increases sales opportunities through data and insights with Highspot.

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The team at Jellyvision is well-versed in the challenges of making savvy, impactful investments. An employee benefits management solution, Jellyvision ensures thousands of companies — and millions of people — get the best experience and value from their benefits. The mindset extends beyond its product, with its team aiming to introduce that same dedication to deep, valuable investments into internal processes. With an ineffectual enablement solution creating drag on its sales team, it knew it was time to make the same changes it helps clients make — and retake control over its investments.






Existing Solution Exacerbates Sales Cycle Complexity

Providing employee benefit management solutions means Jellyvision operates in lockstep with open enrollment season, the three months out of the year that benefits — and how to manage them — are top of mind for employers and employees alike. “Ninety percent of all of the deals our sales team is going to sign are signed between August through October each year, which leaves many months where we’re not closing deals,” explained Heather Green, director of enablement at Jellyvision. “We can create opportunities, but we don’t know how fully they’re progressing.” Facing a slim window for active selling, Jellyvision’s reps need to not only be able to build and track strong buyer relationships year-round but also impact the outcome at key moments. 

However, Jellyvision’s previous enablement solution struggled to adequately support reps’ needs. Very few reps even used it, and a quick content audit and survey showed why. “The key feedback we received is that it was just difficult to use,” shared Green. “It was hard to find content, and it was even harder to edit content. We got resounding results that it was difficult, and no one wanted to engage with it.” Facing low engagement with their initiatives and grappling with budgetary waste on an ineffective solution, Jellyvision’s enablement team decided a change was in order. First on the docket was switching to a solution that would spark the returns they sought.

For Jellyvision, the choice was simple. “Knowing the value of a platform like [Highspot], I was able to start putting the seeds down for making a change.” Seeing the potential Highspot offered, change wasn’t just a nice-to-have — it was an essential priority. 

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As an organization, you’re making that investment; you need to see that return to keep it. With every tool that we have — especially in the economy we’re in today — every dollar invested needs to have a return.

Heather GreenDirector of Enablement, Jellyvision


Engagement Insights Transform Go-to-Market Effectiveness 

As Jellyvision’s enablement team implemented Highspot, they audited their collateral and resources so they could start with a clean, well-organized slate of effective content. “This was so important because what you put in ultimately will drive what comes out,” said Green. Thanks to these early efforts, the team saw a 25% increase in well-governed content.  

With content easier to find than ever, even enablement-wary reps found themselves using Highspot — and the team soon achieved a 92% recurring usage rate. “With Highspot, our adoption has been significantly higher than what we received with our old platform,” explained Green. “It was consistently highlighting what was working, what top performers were using, what they were seeing from it, and tracking it back to specific deal conversations and how they were able to move opportunities forward through the content they were sharing.” That knowledge quickly became essential for the team, providing insight into the best practices that won deals and the behaviors that stalled them. “Gone are the days of using our gut to make decisions and to determine what’s working and what’s not working,” added Green. 

That line of sight into buyer engagement unlocked crucial insights. Now, the team can take note of the strategies proven to drive impact, and then standardize them at scale. It’s a capability they’re already leveraging to ease the pain of reps’ tight sales window. With its reps approaching buyers consistently, with data-backed strategies proven to succeed, Jellyvision is meeting its challenging sales cycle head-on — and well before crunch time.

We’re able to tie the analytics back with how conversations are actually progressing from prospecting to opportunities, closed-won or closed-lost. Telling that story with the data has been helpful for us to show what’s working and who we need to spend more time with to maximize their effectiveness.

Heather GreenDirector of Enablement, Jellyvision


Enablement Partner Equips Reps to Drive Year-Round Impact 

Highspot’s native analytics enabled Jellyvision to track and share key insights and successes with leadership, demonstrating how reps drive opportunities, even beyond the scope of its traditional sales cycle. So, while there may be months between prospecting and closing deals, the team can show how reps connect with customers and prime deals for success all year. “We were really excited this year to actually have that full end-to-end deal cycle from prospecting to opportunities closed won,” shared Green. 

Year-round impact was one of Jellyvision’s core objectives — and with native analytics guiding and tracking its strategy, its reps are already driving a 59% increase in buyer engagement. And with plans to implement new AI capabilities over the next year, Jellyvision is well on its way to realizing the return on investment it imagined.

We’re super excited to lean into the recent updates Highspot has had. We’ve been very AI-forward at Jellyvision. Starting next month, we’re taking it to our teams to roll out what that looks like.

Heather GreenDirector of Enablement, Jellyvision

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