How Paycor Increased Average Deal Size by 22%

Paycor boosts quota attainment with enablement innovations.

increase in deal size
improvement in win rate
boost in quota attainment


Supporting 2 million users across 30,000+ businesses, HR solution provider Paycor is dedicated to modernizing people management, helping leaders across the U.S. optimize and retain their teams. In recent years, it has experienced rapid growth and is scaling quickly to meet the pace of its expanding client base. To better face its challenging market, Paycor sought an enablement partner to ease the pain of its existing solution and gain the same end-to-end support it provides to people management teams nationwide.






Inadequate Enablement Solution Limits Rep Potential

Successfully navigating a competitive market requires organizations to effectively differentiate themselves — and do so in a way that resonates with buyers. “We’re in a crowded space,” explained Chris Herter, director of sales enablement at Paycor. “We have a lot of competitors; we’re different, but we don’t always get to tell that story.” Realizing that impactful storytelling was essential to its success, Paycor began to imagine how to uplevel its reps from sellers into storytellers. But standardizing that high-level behavior was challenging, especially for a team of primarily new reps. “Seventy percent of our sales force is under a year,” added Herter. “We’re growing so much that we don’t have a lot of tenured sellers.” 

To align reps to a needle-moving differentiation story, Paycor needed to make a change. After implementing a different enablement solution, Paycor began noticing painful gaps in the platform. Rather than preparing reps to effectively engage buyers, it hindered their potential. With inadequate enablement support and ineffective engagement tools, cultivating essential skills and providing personalized buying experiences was a task Paycor’s enablement team faced alone.

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Our sales enablement platform was more of a content repository; it became a dumping ground for everything we created internally and externally. At the end of the day, we weren’t accomplishing our ultimate goal: making our sellers better and more efficient.

Chris HerterDirector of Sales Enablement, Paycor


Modern Tools Enable Reps to Engage Buyers at Scale

To more effectively harness their high-stakes environment, Paycor’s enablement team made the switch to Highspot. “We knew we had to transform our sales force,” noted Herter. “And when I think about sales transformation, it’s not about doing things differently — it’s about doing different things.”

Digital Rooms — Highspot’s customizable, natively tracked microsites — quickly became the lynchpin of Paycor’s new strategy. With engagement data streaming in, Paycor’s reps understood and could specifically target buyers’ interests. “I can see that we won this deal, and I can tie it back to which Digital Room was used,” shared Herter. “Now, I can replicate that across my sales team.” The insight was game-changing, helping Paycor’s reps reach buyers more effectively and efficiently than ever, without sacrificing the personalization that drives modern sales. Plus, it provided an opportunity to integrate real-world insights into coaching experiences. “The Digital Room is a conduit to coach more strategic activity,” explained Herter. 

As an early adopter of Highspot’s AI innovation, Paycor further honed its coaching strategy. With AI-powered skill feedback, the team is creating a culture of self-led coaching — a force multiplier achieved without wasting valuable selling time. Similarly, the team uses Meeting Intelligence to record and instantly analyze reps’ performance during buyer conversations. With intelligent engagement capabilities and AI-powered coaching processes, Paycor’s enablement team has the tools they need to empower a world-class sales force—which has helped lead to a 23% increase in quota attainment.

If I want to role-play the value proposition, I don’t have to be in front of my leader. I can submit the video submission and let the AI give me some tips on how to do it.

Chris HerterDirector of Enablement, Paycor


Unified Partner Drives Tangible Revenue Returns

In partnership with Highspot, Paycor reimagined its go-to-market strategy and sparked the returns it initially sought to achieve. With data-backed insight guiding its buyer engagement strategy, Paycor is not only winning bigger—with a 22% increase in average deal size—but also winning more often, earning a 15% improvement in win rate. It’s the growth the enablement team knew they could achieve with the right partner. “We want to empower the leaders inside our organization to build winning teams—much like we do for our own clients—by giving them the right tools to drive seller behavior,” added Herter. 

With a unified platform providing the connective tissue between reps’ learning and selling activities, Paycor is well-positioned to continue growing its sales teams. As it continues to evolve, Paycor sees its partnership with Highspot as essential, ensuring that every rep has the tools to not only win but win faster and more consistently.

My North Star is ensuring first-year seller success. We’re building [Highspot] into their DNA from their first day.

Chris HerterDirector of Sales Enablement, Paycor

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