How Azul Grew Influenced Opportunity to $17 Million

Azul streamlines its tech stack and boosts business outcomes with Highspot.

Key Results
  • $17 Million in influenced opportunities
  • 18% increase in recurring usage
  • 13% improvement in content governance
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Azul offers unlimited possibilities to organizations looking to deploy high-performing, secure, and successful Java applications. With minimal effort, businesses can partner with Azul to reduce their infrastructure overhead and improve performance across their entire online ecosystem. Azul’s incredible achievements are made possible through a robust network of sellers spread across 88 countries working together to share the company’s vision. Through its partnership with Highspot, Azul was able to streamline its tech stack, standardize its global sales motion, and boost business outcomes.


Tech Stack Turmoil Limits Impact 

With sales assets housed across SharePoint, multiple Salesforce libraries, and on personal desktops, Azul’s enablement team grappled with content chaos. Limited by inadequate tools and an abundance of discordant solutions, the team struggled to work with what they had. But this reliance on inefficient processes cost them essential time, obscured their line of sight into content usage and governance, and made evaluating their content performance impossible. 

Despite their efforts, painful gaps continued to appear, causing unnecessary drag on their — and their reps’ — workflows. When even simple insights like completion rates required additional legwork, the enablement team was stuck spending time gathering data, impeding their ability to drive strategic initiatives.

Essential information living in a variety of disparate systems and enablement efforts stymied by a disconnected tech stack — it all limited Azul’s ability to successfully achieve its desired outcomes. Noticing itself losing consistency, Azul sought a natively built, unified platform equipped to ease its sales strategy and alleviate its content chaos.

I had to go to Zoom to check their participant list post-session, then go to Microsoft Forms daily to pull completion reports and figure out who completed their assessment. And there's no way to make that information easily available to sellers."

Michelle Campanella, Director of Sales Enablement, Azul
Michelle Campanella

A Unified Platform Aligns Global Efforts

Establishing a single source of truth was an early goal with immediate benefits. More than that, it led to a 13% improvement in content governance. With the backing of senior champions — and gamification tactics to build excitement about the new platform — Azul saw another impressive return: 91% of reps were recurring users. 

From this strong foundation, Azul’s partnership with Highspot only deepened. Campanella and her team began to lean on Sales Plays to surface essential guidance. “My big call to action is to make sure that everyone, regardless of tenure, is on the same playing field with all of our product information,” shared Campanella. With 92% of its reps adopting Plays, she achieved that goal, improving individual outcomes while increasing alignment across Azul’s go-to-market motion. Similarly, Highspot’s Training & Coaching capabilities gave Campanella an additional mechanism to align rep readiness. “For our Training & Coaching launch, we hosted power hours, global training hours that happen once a week,” shared Campanella. “Then, as a follow-up, we had reps complete an assessment in the platform, so I could see what questions they got wrong and reinforce those learning pieces in our all-hands calls.” 

With reps consistently leveraging Highspot’s buyer engagement capabilities, Azul had real-time insight into how each pitch and buyer touchpoint impacted deal outcomes. “We’ve got visibility into not only how many people are outbounding, but also what they’re outbounding and what the open rates are,” said Campanella. “We can start to see at what point people have pitched content and which assets and what’s helping us close funnel quicker.” Soon, these long-sought-after improvements led to significant returns.

It helped us impact and improve business efficiencies by having that single point of contact where we could find our first call decks, all of our customer information and materials.

Michelle Campanella, Director of Sales Enablement, Azul

A Force Multiplier Influencing $17 Million of Opportunity

Highspot’s end-to-end platform strengthened Azul’s enablement muscle and made identifying what good looks like — and training reps to replicate it — simple. 

An 18% increase in recurring usage of Highspot showed that Campanella isn’t alone in her enthusiasm – and reps aren’t the platform’s only champions. “I have to credit my CRO,” shared Campanella. “In his opinion, if you are not in Highspot, you are not doing your job.” It’s clear why Azul feels that way. “We’re able to see that we’re influencing over $17 million of opportunity right now in our funnel, as we’re looking to forecast plan and figure out where we are going to land,” added Campanella.

More than just an enablement solution, Azul views Highspot as an essential partner. “As a team of one, it’s critical to have force multipliers,” shared Campanella. “Highspot is my force multiplier. It enables me to have a seat at the table and talk about how enablement is impacting the business and where we need to go next. That’s incredible.”

Highspot helped us capture one single source of truth and gave me visibility into what my enablement looks like. It enables me to talk about where we need to go next from a data-driven perspective and not just a gut feeling.

Michelle Campanella, Director of Sales Enablement, Azul

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