How Kalderos Cut Ramp Time by 50%

Kalderos invests in Highspot to enhance collaboration and connect the dots between learning and action.

Key Results
  • Cut ramp time in half
  • Increased training course completion by 225%
  • Drove 100% Play adoption
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Kalderos is a software company and creator of the world’s first Drug Discount Management platform, enabling drug discount stakeholders to collaborate with better data, transparency, and trust. By working directly with drug manufacturers, payers, and covered entities, Kalderos helps limit costly noncompliance and increases transparency within drug discount programs. However, without a robust enablement system, Kalderos struggled to provide transparency and training across its teams. With Highspot, the company not only found an integrated solution, but a versatile one.


Disconnection Limits Accessibility and Visibility

As a company, Kalderos is building unifying technologies that bring transparency, trust, and equity to the entire healthcare community. Internally, however, a lack of centralization of sales resources limited visibility and accessibility across its teams. This impacted the confidence of the team when interacting with customers. “Everything was scattered across Google Drive and in various folders, so you would have to guess if you were using the most up to date version,” noted Allyson Moellenhoff, director of product marketing at Kalderos. “Nobody knew with confidence that they were using what they needed to be using.”

Without a more tailored platform, training was limited as well. “We had no learning development system that wasn’t only an LMS, but something geared toward sales,” explained Ryan Kolofsky, senior director of sales enablement at Kalderos. “There’s a lot that goes into that versus a regular learning system.” This disjointed approach also meant that gathering data and analytics was difficult, making iteration and optimization challenging. Kalderos needed a more robust solution to strategically enable the sales team. 

It was hard to get feedback. The team would go off, they would take a one-size-fits-all piece of content, and that was it. You’d get a ‘great job,’ a pat on the back, and you’d move on.

Allyson Moellenhoff, Director of Product Marketing, Kalderos
Allyson Moellenhoff

Honing Strategy Through Structure

Through its implementation of Highspot, Kalderos not only united its technology stack with a single source of truth, but also united its sales, marketing, and enablement teams with enhanced collaboration. “Now when marketing spends time making great content, we take the time to not only show it to our salespeople, but train them on it and give them an easy system where they can find it when they need it the most,” highlighted Kolofsky. “It’s great to have the right content at the right time to provide the right knowledge for the team, and Highspot helps tie it all together.” This helped the team connect more deeply to create end-to-end enablement programs that can be iterated on and improved over time. “With Highspot you can really initiate different rounds of feedback and create levels of training in a way that you can’t if you’re doing an ad hoc program,” noted Moellenhoff. 

Having a unified platform also allowed the team to connect the dots between learning and action. For example, whenever the team delivers new training, they also create a related Play in Highspot so that reps know exactly how to act on what they’ve learned. “When I first started in Training and Coaching, I would put together these great courses or lessons, but I’d miss the value in creating Sales Plays,” said Kolofsky. “Plays gave me the ability to make a resource page, or a ‘one-stop-shop. I won’t build out any more courses unless there is an associated Play to give the team the ability to revisit and refresh.” In doing so, Kalderos has achieved 100% Play adoption and increased course completion by 225%.

This approach was particularly valuable to the team in the launch of their new sales methodology, Corporate Visions. Leveraging Highspot’s Marketplace, the team seamlessly embeds Corporate Visions material into training courses and reinforces the methodology in Plays, creating consistency. “It’s really neat when you have the ability to bring everyone together on that same message,” shared Kolofsky. “Now, even when I build out a Play, it’s built out with the Corporate Visions methodology in it. It really helps them have a better understanding of how that call flows and that messaging works.”

As a one-stop-shop, the platform also served as a way to unite the team, especially around product launches and campaigns. “This year we launched a second product to the market, and trying to make sure that everybody was trained on it in the same way, starting with the same level of foundational knowledge, and having the same content to go to market with was mission critical,” explained Moellenhoff. “We were able to make sure everyone from customer success to product and sales had what they needed to be successful. You can’t do that on G Drive.” 

It’s great to have the right content at the right time to provide the right knowledge for the team, and Highspot helps tie it all together. Now, even when I build out a Play, it’s built out with the Corporate Visions methodology in it. It really helps them have a better understanding of how that call flows and that messaging works.

Ryan Kolofsky, Senior Director of Sales Enablement, Kalderos
Ryan Kolofsky

Centralization Drives Engagement

With a unified enablement platform, Kalderos boosted the productivity of its sales teams. For example, by delivering connected enablement programs from content to training and coaching in Highspot, the team has accelerated ramp time. “Highspot has allowed us to cut ramp time almost in half and get the team up to speed in eight weeks, where it would sometimes take 16 weeks,” highlighted Kolofsky. 

Alignment and collaboration also improved across revenue teams, leading to buy-in from leadership. With best practices reinforced from the top down, adoption continues to grow – which has resulted in a sales team that is eager to scale their success with Highspot. “When you publicize those wins throughout your organization, other salespeople love it and want the same success,” said Kolofsky.

When a rep comes to senior leadership asking for a sales deck, leaders don’t just send it through email or Slack. Instead, they turn the question around on them and ask, ‘Have you looked in Highspot?

Ryan Kolofsky, Senior Director of Sales Enablement, Kalderos

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