How Crown Bioscience Achieved 93% Recurring Usage

Crown Bioscience encourages adoption with a unified platform and delivers a valuable rep experience.

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Crown Bioscience, a JSR Life Sciences company, is a global contract research organization (CRO) providing discovery, preclinical, and translational platforms to advance oncology and immuno-oncology. Crown Bioscience helps to deliver superior drug candidates to ensure that patients get the right treatment at the right time. Founded in 2006, the company has 13 facilities in the US, Europe, and APAC. To scale rep behavior change alongside its growth, Crown Bioscience implemented sales enablement. It began by partnering with Highspot, an early investment that proved fundamental to its enablement team’s success.


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A New Enablement Program Requires a Platform to Match

From the beginning of its enablement journey, Crown Bioscience engaged Highspot as a collaborative partner in building and scaling its brand-new strategy. Even in those early stages, it knew its success hinged on providing a streamlined experience for reps to encourage buy-in.

This streamlined experience required not only a single source of truth for content, but a unified platform to access training and coaching as well. “Our training strategy has to be something that our teams are able to easily do,” explained Erica Haas, senior director of commercial enablement at Crown Bioscience. “It has to be part of their work. It can’t be something that takes them away or distracts them. It has to really align with what they’re already doing.”

But getting reps to trust in and adopt the new enablement solution was just the first step. As a new business function, the enablement team also needed to be able to measure and analyze the impact of its programs. Having previously lacked the analytics capabilities to help them take the next step in their sales evolution, Crown Bioscience saw tremendous potential in the ability to gather data-driven insights through its enablement platform.

Our sales reps have to trust whatever we’re giving them, so it is really important that everything is in Highspot. It’s the one place they can go and trust that what they get out of it is going to be what the client needs.

Erica HaasSenior Director of Commercial Enablement, Crown Bioscience


Encouraging Adoption With a Unified Platform

Building its enablement function alongside its implementation of Highspot was a strategic move that allowed reps to get to know the new enablement programs and platform simultaneously. “We brought Highspot into our organization at the very beginning of our enablement function,” noted Haas. “It’s been with us for as long as enablement has.” Introducing the program and the platform together eased its implementation and ensured increased adoption. 

To further drive adoption, Crown Bioscience immediately positioned Highspot as a single source of truth. From product launches to live trainings, assets are added Highspot to ensure that reps across the globe receive the same enablement and learning experiences. “Everything from before we launch something, our pre-launch preparations and pre-trainings, are put into Highspot. Then, we measure completion before proceeding with launch plans,” explained Haas. “We made sure that it was all available, then had all our usage and analytics come out of that.” Providing a consistent and reliable rep experience has produced clear results, leading to 93% recurring usage of Highspot company-wide.   

Crown Bioscience has continued to enhance value perception among reps even as the company has experienced change. For example, as it approached an acquisition, Crown Bioscience leveraged Highspot to ease the transition for new team members. Recently, Crown Bioscience also finalized the creation of a new Spot specifically for its distributor network. “That was just a few weeks ago, and they love it. They’re already using it,” said Haas. “We like not having to replicate content for them, and we like that we can still monitor their usage and see how they’re using our content.” By harnessing Highspot to build trust in enablement, the team has boosted rep engagement in enablement programs by 15%.

How do we create trust with the new team? Highspot was the answer to a lot of that.

Erica HaasSenior Director of Commercial Enablement, Crown Bioscience


Delivering a Valuable Rep Experience

Highspot has affected not only the direction of Crown Bioscience’s enablement strategy, but the rep experience as a whole. “The most impactful data point of anything I could imagine is that 100% of our reps really find value in Highspot,” explained Haas. “They trust it. They go to it as a first point of reference whenever they have a question, and I think that’s only going to get better.” 

And with strong success so far and continued buy-in across the organization, Crown Bioscience is primed to continue evolving in its partnership with Highspot.

When I show [reps] more functionalities, they just wanna use it more. The appreciation and value recognition within our organization of Highspot is absolutely unanimous.

Erica HaasSenior Director of Commercial Enablement, Crown Bioscience

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