How Össur Increased Buyer Engagement by 56%

Learn how Össur drove adoption of buyer engagement capabilities among reps.

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Össur is a leading provider of innovative mobility solutions that help people across the globe live a life without limitations. Through the delivery of prosthetics, braces, and supports, as well as accompanying patient care, Össur aims to improve mobility for its customers. However, without a way to work cross-functionally across enablement and marketing teams, Össur faced workstream issues that limited efficiency. With Highspot, Össur found a way to eliminate silos, train teams, and engage both sellers and customers on a deeper level.


Keeping Pace With Digital Transformation

Össur is committed to improving customer mobility through innovation and patient outcomes. While delivering advanced technological solutions externally, teams struggled internally with outdated systems and practices that impeded their efficiency. “For about nine years or so, we had our own internal system that we were utilizing to share marketing tools,” said Heather Hoover, regional marketing at Össur. “It was just a place where marketers were able to upload the marketing tools, documents, brochures, sell sheets, etc. However, it was IT-based, so when there were glitches or things that needed updating within that system, it was really hard to get what we needed due to competing priorities.” 

Without a sufficient tool to manage collateral and communicate cross-functionally between sales and marketing, the team struggled to evolve alongside changes in the selling landscape. The team needed to shift both its seller and customer in-person education and training to digital, but with its existing system, providing the best experience became a barrier.

We were struggling with sending multiple videos via Outlook. If we sent it through SharePoint, how would they find it after? Would it be easy to download? That was one of the main reasons why we needed to build out our strategy and shift from in-person to digital – to have a better customer experience.

Heather HooverRegional Marketing , Össur


Enhancing Buyer Engagement Through Personalization

With Highspot, Össur was equipped with a more sophisticated tool to help it seamlessly navigate digital transformation. For example, with engagement capabilities such as Digital Rooms, the team was able to overcome the obstacles it previously faced around sharing and engaging customers with digital-forward collateral like video. “We are able to share videos very easily and have a library for them as well, and whether it be for the clinician or for patient fitting information, you can continuously add as the customer purchases more products,” noted Hoover. “It’s really nice to not only have those microsites, but continuously build on them.” 

With these easily customizable digital tools, the sales team has been able to not only personalize their outreach, but keep all pertinent information in one place. Having this single source of truth to refer back to throughout the sales process has been particularly useful for engaging Össur’s customers, who often work with multiple suppliers. “Everyone has email overload these days, so if you’re one of our customers and you have to deal with multiple suppliers, one of the things you run into is locating information,” described Hoover. Instead of having to sort through texts or email, Össur customers could access all the information they were sent whenever they needed it. “It makes the customer more efficient, which is one of the main reasons why the sales team utilizes Highspot’s engagement capabilities, because it is a one-stop shop for customers to find the information,” noted Hoover. 

In utilizing Highspot to better engage buyers, the team not only achieved an impressive 83% adoption of buyer engagement capabilities, but gained visibility into the impact of those engagements in the field. By leveraging insights and analytics, the team can track what is being sent to customers, how it is landing, and its impact on strategic initiatives.

Being able to see those analytics is something we never had previously. I think seeing who’s engaging and how often always creates warmer leads – plus, being able to view those analytics from our strategic initiatives is huge.

Heather HooverRegional Marketing, Össur


Centralized Solution Drives Global Sales and Marketing Alignment

With Highspot, Össur found a robust solution that filled a number of large gaps for the team, eliminating silos and empowering sellers. As a result, the team went beyond the initial platform training and explored Highspot on their own, driving a 90% recurring usage rate. “The team went above and beyond and got very creative around how else to use Highspot and how to create better experiences for our customers,” detailed Hoover. 

Ultimately, Össur was able to tailor outreach efforts and enhance customer experience on a global scale. “We launched in the US and Canada about 18 months ago, and the key thing the Highspot team did was help us identify our challenges and how a platform like Highspot could solve them,” noted Hoover. “I think the adoption rate we’ve seen really just shows how big the problem we needed to solve internally was and how Highspot really filled that gap.”

We achieved adoption quickly when we launched Highspot. We had a lot of big problems on the marketing and education sides of things that needed solving. The ability to create libraries of information, and even microsites for our customers, within Highspot was very well received by the sales force.

Heather HooverRegional Marketing, Össur

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