How Ncontracts Improved Buyer Engagement by 16%

Ncontracts gains the structure and insight needed to achieve results and prove the value of enablement.

recurring usage achieved
improvement in buyer engagement
improvement in rep engagement in enablement programs


Ncontracts delivers the technology, knowledge, and support financial institutions need to remain competitive, compliant, and in control. It combines industry expertise with the latest technology to provide the most effective and comprehensive integrated risk management and compliance solutions. However, despite having comprehensive information available to sellers, Ncontracts lacked a cohesive solution to centralize resources and learning, which hindered efficiency. With Highspot, the company found a more effective way to enable its team and, in turn, better engage its customers.


Disjointed Channels Breed Inefficiency

Ncontracts aims to continually improve its clients’ ability to manage risk and compliance by providing unmatched service and support. But without a unified enablement platform, the sales team struggled to find the information they needed to effectively assist customers. “We had this bevy of information we needed to get down to sellers, but finding the key pieces of content they needed was a struggle without a repository that was easy to navigate,” explained Jonathan Easterling, senior sales enablement trainer at Ncontracts. “It ended up becoming this byzantine conduit of channels that impaired the process of getting the seller something actionable.” 

With disjointed channels for getting the latest resources and learning to reps, the effectiveness of the entire enablement process was at risk. “As we know, if the seller can’t act quickly, the opportunity will be gone,” said Easterling. “The training won’t be strong and it’ll be really tough to actually get the team to implement it.” Ncontracts needed a way to streamline how it delivered enablement programs to reps, from content to training and beyond, to empower rep agility.



Unified Enablement Makes Programs Actionable

With Highspot, Ncontracts gained a holistic way to equip, train, and coach reps throughout the sales process and analyze their performance to boost productivity. Beyond just centralizing content, having a unified system helped Ncontracts create a culture of collaboration and engagement. “One of the things we implemented recently is the Highspot social aspect, where you can comment, like, and share edits,” said Easterling. “It’s super easy to use, and we’re using it to create an SOS Spot – or a ‘support on-site’ Spot – where the team can post Gong calls or emails and receive feedback within the organization. It’s like a war room of sorts where we can unabashedly critique each other before refining, getting back out there, and closing deals.”

This engaging approach extends to training programs, as Easterling leverages Highspot’s Training and Coaching to create lessons and courses with clear calls to action. For example, by connecting training to related Plays and Digital Rooms in Highspot, the team shortens the gap from learning to action. “Sales Plays and Digital Rooms have been absolutely integral in providing sales managers with that sales motion view,” noted Easterling. As such, managers are now better prepared to have effective and actionable coaching conversations. “Sometimes we can get a little disconnected just viewing the pipeline – it can seem stop-and-go – but with a Sales Play and Digital Room, you get a better look at how a seller is going to move from point A to point B.” In fact, such strategies helped the team improve rep engagement in enablement programs by 48% and achieve an overall recurring usage rate of 91%. 

Additionally, the team utilizes Analytics in Highspot and integrations with Salesforce to gather actionable insights on sales performance. “Integrations with things like Salesforce help me see exactly what piece of content was or wasn’t used and is attributing to our slippage and win. We can see what content is converting and we can continue to make that a best practice,” described Easterling. Not only does this visibility help the team optimize their strategy, but intuitive governance features in Highspot allow them to implement those optimizations efficiently. “Highspot has an amazing function that allows you to not only curate your content, but simply replace an old piece of content with a new one,” highlighted Easterling. “You’re then able to see the longitudinal data of both pieces and iterate on your approach.”



Insight Proves the Essential Value of Enablement

Highspot gave Ncontracts the structure and insight it needed to achieve considerable results, including an overall improvement in buyer engagement by 16%. With added visibility into performance, the enablement team could collaborate more seamlessly with other teams across the business, such as colleagues in marketing. Ultimately, this has helped the enablement team better position themselves as an essential company function, helping to solidify support and buy-in from leadership for continued investment in the enablement function.


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