How Demandbase Increased Average Win Rate by 10%

Demandbase gained the structure to efficiently and effectively equip its revenue teams to drive business impact.

Key Results
  • 10% increase in revenue from existing customers
  • 10% increase in average win rate
  • 10% increase in average deal size
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Demandbase is an account-based marketing (ABM), advertising, sales intelligence, and data company with products that help business-to-business (B2B) customers identify and reach their target markets. As a leader in the ABM space, Demandbase’s mission is to help every company go to market in a better way. However, without a true enablement platform, it struggled to provide sellers with tools that spark impactful client conversations. With Highspot, Demandbase found a way to efficiently and consistently equip its revenue teams for success, ultimately driving impact for the company as a whole.


Inefficiency From Lack of Infrastructure

Demandbase leverages artificial intelligence to help B2B companies hit their revenue goals using fewer resources. But without a robust enablement platform to equip revenue teams, Demandbase faced efficiency issues. 

This reactivity made aligning sales teams difficult and implementing data-driven initiatives impossible. As a result, it was challenging to gain buy-in from sales managers, which meant they weren’t reinforcing critical enablement initiatives with their teams. “We realized we needed to get managers bought in and onboarded before having the reps go through the programs,” noted Whitney Sieck, vice president of revenue enablement at Demandbase. “But we also needed to focus on the metrics that matter to the business and understand the correlation story from the enablement initiative all the way through to behavior change and results to the business.” To create a consistent, data-driven sales process, Demandbase needed a platform to proactively equip its teams with the necessary content and guidance and analyze performance.

We had a more reactive form of enablement. We were constantly chasing orders and requests and needed a more programmatic approach.

Whitney Sieck, VP of Revenue Enablement, Demandbase
Whitney Sieck

Empowering Alignment With a Single Source of Truth

After implementing Highspot, Demandbase was able to curate consistent messaging and guidance across the entire customer journey in a centralized location. In doing so, Sieck and her team have strengthened the sales process by driving clarity and cohesion on the go-to-market strategy for all revenue teams. “Highspot has helped us verify the sales team’s readiness in going to market in the way our business wants and needs them to,” said Sieck. 

In addition to driving consistency for reps, having a single source of truth has also helped Demandbase foster alignment between marketing and sales teams. “We had to make sure we were speaking the same language,” highlighted Sieck. “It’s created this co-ownership, where our marketing teams create content and maintain our Spots within Highspot, while our sales teams share this messaging and get feedback and analytics about what the field is using and what they’re not.” 

This improved revenue team alignment has, in turn, allowed Demandbase to streamline its sales process and evolve its enablement strategy, using data-driven insights into sales and content performance to optimize impact. “Aligning the sales and marketing content to the buying journey helps us know when to use what in order to have the biggest impact and move the deal forward,” explained Sieck. “We can now understand what our top performers are doing and scale those behaviors and best practices in order to paint a picture of what’s working.” And it has proven effective: Since implementing Highspot, the team has seen a 10% increase in average win rate.

Highspot has helped us ensure we’re creating a clear, cohesive customer journey as well as providing that same great customer experience through the content and messaging we’re sharing.

Whitney Sieck, VP of Revenue Enablement, Demandbase

Consistency Drives Business Impact

With Highspot, Demandbase gained the structure it needed to efficiently and effectively equip its revenue teams for success. As it has improved alignment across revenue teams and driven consistency through the entire customer journey, Demandbase has empowered and replicated high performance, leading to improved business outcomes. In just its first year with Highspot, Demandbase achieved a 10% increase in deal size, as well as a 10% increase in revenue from existing customers.

As Sieck and her team look to the future, they have high hopes for the continued evolution of their enablement strategy – and envision Highspot continuing to play a key role in helping to bring that strategy to life. “Looking ahead, we’ve created a three-year maturity model to heighten adoption and continue using Highspot to help us drive toward our North Star goals and long-term mission,” described Sieck.

Highspot is already a very critical tool within our enablement strategy and is used at every single point in our journey.

Whitney Sieck, VP of Revenue Enablement, Demandbase

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