How iQor Aims to Align Teams and Boost Win Rates

iQor is poised to achieve revenue alignment at scale with Highspot’s Training and Coaching.

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Top technology innovator iQor has spent the better part of two decades becoming an essential partner to organizations across the globe. As a provider of business process outsourcing services ranging from customer service and account management to third-party collections, iQor is deeply focused on easing the lift of internal processes and limiting time spent on clerical work. When it began to notice inefficiencies in its go-to-market motion, iQor knew it needed an end-to-end solution provider to enable its revenue teams to succeed. 


Analytic Limitations Obscures Performance

With a comprehensive library of marketing assets but no tool to organize or surface it to reps, iQor had the right content — its reps just didn’t know where to find it. But even if content had been easy to find, iQor’s lack of native analytics meant it had no way to gauge how or when reps used content, let alone to what effect. 

In a world of increasingly digital sales, tools to capture buyer engagement insights are an essential aspect of any modern revenue tech stack. Without that data and the competitive edge it provides, iQor felt the limitation echo throughout its go-to-market motion. “What we had been missing was an intelligent platform that allowed us to organize content, make it easily accessible, and be able to track how it’s being used and how it contributes to the pipeline and deals won,” noted Borges. “That will help us not only measure the impact of the content but will also feed us information we can use to drive our strategy.”

iQor knew an intelligent platform could inform more than content strategy. For example, without the ability to tie reps’ performance in the field to revenue outcomes, it lacked insight into the best practices that closed deals and the behaviors that stalled them. It was a painful gap, preventing iQor from holding reps to a standardized go-to-market strategy. But with a unified platform equipped to capture these insights and coach every rep to effectively implement them in the field, iQor saw alignment on the horizon.

In the past, we were dependent on an environment where the content library was very static and challenging for reps to find content.

Bernie Broges, Vice President of Global Content Marketing, iQor
Bernie Broges

A Unified Platform Captures Essential Insight

Go-to-market success is an organization-wide endeavor, a fact iQor is keenly aware of. Seeking a unified solution to streamline its revenue teams, iQor implemented Highspot. Though the partnership is young, it’s scaling quickly and already helping iQor realize value across its teams. “Because of Highspot’s built-in intelligence, our content finds reps,” said Borges. “That’s going to inform us how the content is being used.” 

With its teams operating in an analytics-optimized platform, iQor can see how its reps pitch content and impact buyers. It’s an essential edge, one iQor intends to pair with Highspot’s native Salesforce integration to streamline workflows and enhance effectiveness. The integration will ease reps’ workflows — and create behind-the-scenes alignment guiding reps to the right content at every deal stage.

Plus, with training to instill best practices and coaching to reinforce them, iQor will be poised to achieve revenue alignment at scale. For example, iQor leverages Highspot’s Meeting Intelligence capabilities to give its frontline managers visibility into reps’ real-world behavior. With AI-powered call recording, managers can provide personalized coaching at scale and uplevel every rep to the same standard. “Listening to how our reps are selling us — what’s not being said, what they’re not talking about on calls — that’s the turning point in our sales journey, added Blake Graves, director of sales enablement at iQor. Across the board, iQor’s teams are leveraging Highspot’s modern tech stack to sharpen their corner of the go-to-market motion. And it’s all part of the plan: “We’ve rounded out our tech stack,” explained Borges. “Now, we have everything we need to deploy and measure the impact of our [programs].”

With the integration of a CRM like Salesforce, depending on which stage the deal is in, we’re able to surface content that would be helpful for them to deploy.

Chris O'Connell, Director of Global Sales Operations, iQor
Chris O'Connell

End-to-End Enablement Unlocks Revenue Alignment

iQor is still in the early stages of implementation. Yet, its teams are already looking ahead, envisioning how an end-to-end enablement partner will help them effectively engage buyers and positively influence deal outcomes. “Highspot will help us get better information about how our content is being consumed, how it’s being deployed, which things are resonating, and how they’re helping us win more business,” shared O’Connell. “That’s one of the things we’re really hoping to accomplish this year to increase win rates, success rate, and cross-sell.” 

As iQor takes its first steps with Highspot, it is enthusiastic about the platform’s versatility and the world of possibilities it opens for its teams. But beyond improvements to its individual go-to-market levers, iQor aims to leverage Highspot to drive holistic impact, making consistent, repeatable revenue generation attainable at scale. Confident that the addition of native analytics, a modern tech stack, and AI-powered coaching will help them do so, iQor is eager to get started.

Highspot is an exciting new tool for us. We’re ready to use it to start closing some deals quickly.

Blake Graves, Director of Sales Enablement, iQor
Blake Graves

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