How Corporate Traveller Australia Boosted Buyer Engagement by 84%

Corporate Traveller Australia strengthens pipelines through a personalized selling approach. 

Key Results
  • 86% of reps regularly share content with buyers
  • 84% increase in buyer engagement
  • 139% increase in active learners
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Part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, one of the biggest travel agencies in the world, Corporate Traveller Australia provides all-inclusive booking and management services that keep businesses mobile — and global. As a B2B solutions provider, it is familiar with the importance of streamlined processes and the value of strategic partnerships that help achieve them. With a network of global customers of every shape, size, and scale demanding increasingly customized buying experiences, Corporate Traveller Australia knew it needed an enablement partner equipped to rise to the challenge.


Mounting Pressure of Complex Buyer Demands

Like every modern sales team, Corporate Traveller Australia’s sellers have felt the pressure of ever-increasing buyer expectations — a demand made exponentially more difficult by the diverse market segments and personas they sell to. “The travel management program doesn’t have a proper home — it could sit anywhere across the C-suite, which makes it challenging,” shared Kim Robertson, head of marketing at Corporate Traveller Australia. “It’s complex in terms of how we target personas with content.” With a vast array of audiences and limited insight into how to reach them, it was all the more challenging to not only craft strategic marketing content but ensure sellers can use it effectively.

To optimize content delivery at every buyer touchpoint, the marketing team sought to create a seamless engine that drove prospects through the funnel. But doing so required insight they did not have. Without analytics, they couldn’t evaluate the efficacy of their content, let alone how sellers where using it to engage buyers, which quickly became painful. 

The team needed a solution. “How do we stand out as a brand and cut through all that noise,” asked Robertson. From that central question came a strategy. “The holy grail is to convert brand awareness into one-to-one engagement with the sales team as quickly as possible,” noted Robertson. “It’s content with individual context that converts into new business.” To do so, they embraced Highspot, hopeful its buyer engagement capabilities — and native analytics — would help them to refine their content strategy from first touch all the way to deal close.

The buying process is 70% of the way through before [prospects] even engage a rep, which means the content the rep is sharing with the customer has to be over and above what they already know. It poses a big challenge for our salespeople.

Kim Robertson, Head of Marketing, Corporate Traveller Australia
Kim Robertson

Digital Rooms Increase Rep Efficacy

To transform their go-to-market motion into a streamlined engine, Corporate Traveller Australia’s marketing team first needed to ensure they operated in lockstep with the sales team. “If there isn’t a shared plan, if there are no KPIs and commitments from marketing around what they will deliver, if we’re not owning our results and our contribution, nothing will work,” added Robertson. After securing a collaborative relationship and strong enablement foundation, the marketing team began to strengthen their pipeline, using Highspot to strategically target unique personas at scale. 

To do so, the team took a more personalized approach to buyer engagement, leveraging Digital Rooms in Highspot to better tailor content for a variety of personas and their specific needs. With insights on how Digital Rooms performed when pitched to buyers, the team gained a line of sight into the content that engages each persona and propels deals forward. From there, they could strategically funnel leads through their new, targeted pipelines and, in doing so, better nurture prospects.

After reimagining the first 70% of the buyer journey, Corporate Traveller Australia turned its attention to the final 30%. To ensure sellers could build on the success of the reimagined marketing strategy and take prospects from MQLs to closed won, the marketing team implemented Highspot’s Training & Coaching capabilities, leading to a 139% increase in active learners. From the top of the funnel to the bottom, Corporate Traveller Australia optimized its sales process – now, sellers regularly share content with buyers and, with modern training tools, can feel confident they are doing so effectively.

We used to have a one-size-fits-all for customer care and servicing that we based on the complexity of the travel program and their spend. What we have now are three tiers of customers. Each tier has a specific objective, which are Highspot Digital Rooms.

Kim Robertson, Head of Marketing, Corporate Traveller Australia

Boosting Buyer Engagement and Enhancing Go-To-Market Collaboration

With a consistent cadence for content enablement and a single source of truth to access it, Corporate Travellers Australia’s sellers are more effective than ever, with 86% of sellers sharing content with buyers. The returns of these improvements are clear: Corporate Traveller Australia has seen an 84% increase in buyer engagement since implementing Highspot. This impact has helped strengthen the collaborative partnership between marketing and sales, with both teams closely working together to optimize buyer engagement. “It’s not finger-pointing,” said Robertson. “It’s about how we can win together to create that demand generation engine.”


All of our teams are now consistently accessing Digital Rooms. We really are delivering so much more than we ever did before, and Highspot is absolutely a massive part of that.

Kim Robertson, Head of Marketing, Corporate Traveller Australia

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