How Sago Increased Training Completion by 129%

Sago improves sales effectiveness and productivity with training and coaching.

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As a trusted global market research and solutions firm, Sago is intimately familiar with the value of effective tools to drive business outcomes. With a sales organization spanning three continents, Sago works around the clock and around the world to support its customers. To better enable its diverse global team, Sago sought a solution to streamline the workflows and overall effectiveness of its regional and global sales teams. 


Supporting a Global Sales Force   

With over 150 reps operating in three continents and across multiple time zones, Sago’s enablement team had no way of providing real-time support to every rep. “No one can work 24 hours, seven days a week to be available to help and support the team,” explained Omar Barquet, director of enablement at Sago. To overcome the challenges of asynchronicity, the team needed a way to make strategic guidance accessible to reps in every region when and how they needed it.

Part of the enablement team’s struggle also stemmed from the difficulty of managing their extensive content library. With its products and services requiring a variable sales approach, Sago found itself with a wealth of use-case-specific content and no tool to effectively govern it. “We have a fairly complex product and service offering,” added Barquet. “There are just so many variables that can be applied or not applied to any given proposal, deal, or pitch.”

Navigating these complex content usage rules was an ongoing challenge. “A lot of time was being wasted in admin tasks, tracking down content, or tracking down the right type of content,” shared Barquet. Without an enablement partner to surface the right content at the right time, reps found it difficult to identify effective, up-to-date content to execute with consistency.

It's a challenge if [content] is not well organized, easily accessible, and well structured.

Omar BarquetDirector of Enablement, Sago


Simplifying Workflows With a Unified Solution

A unified platform like Highspot was central in helping Sago’s enablement team simplify the complexity of their reps’ workflow. Their first step was to harness Highspot’s content management capabilities and ensure that the variable circumstances guiding content usage were clear to reps. With Highspot’s native analytics, they could then ensure reps used content properly and in the correct buying scenario. “We track it closely with the tools that are in Highspot so you can see which content is used, time used, and ranked usage,” said Barquet. 

To further optimize their content strategy, Barquet and his team harnessed their new, data-backed insights to understand how reps engaged with their content and the platform. They then began to consistently direct reps to the platform, making critical content like their weekly sales newsletter exclusively available in Highspot. “That forces the whole sales org to go in there at least once a week because they cannot miss this information,” explained Barquet. “As the team got familiar with Highspot, they learned how to use it. Now, they count on it.” 

As their partnership with Highspot deepened, Sago’s enablement team embraced its Training & Coaching capabilities. While the team initially focused on reimagining onboarding — crafting role-based onboarding for new team members — they soon began to integrate learning throughout reps’ lifecycles to better facilitate their long-term success. With reps seeing the platform as a single source of truth, Sago saw early returns on its training investments, achieving a 129% increase in course completion rates.


We're beginning to incorporate training within the Highspot environment. We’re thinking about the future state of our sales org.

Omar BarquetDirector of Enablement, Sago


Enablement Partnership Optimizes Sales Bandwidth

With time spent searching for content and completing administrative work at an all-time low, Sago saw immediate returns in rep productivity. “It has helped us move about 15% of our global sales org to a more customer-focused role and do away with admin tasks,” shared Barquet. Plus, with learning at an all-time high — and 99% of reps actively learning — Sago’s reps now have the time and skills to sell effectively and efficiently at scale. 

Highspot helped Sago’s enablement team streamline the sales motion, filling in the painful inefficiencies that unbalanced it. By driving reps to the platform, they healed gaps in content usage and training adoption — and quickly saw returns.

But Sago’s Highspot journey is far from over. As Highspot evolves, Sago’s enablement team is prepared to, as well. “We are very excited to see what else is coming with Highspot,” said Barquet.

Since we continuously put new offers in the market, being able to have all the content and resources lined up and up to date has been key to the success of our sales work so far.

Omar BarquetDirector of Enablement, Sago

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