How Imagine Learning Boosted Buyer Engagement by 7%

Imagine Learning consolidates its tech stack and creates a data-informed content strategy with Highspot.

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Imagine Learning’s comprehensive library of solutions, courseware products, and supplemental assets helps teachers meet students where they are, providing resources that drive engagement and deepen learning. Its collection of digital-first K-12 resources has reached 15 million students and counting, supporting everything from emotional literacy to college and career readiness. Imagine Learning is built for the future of education, a dedication to forward motion and innovation that extends into its internal teams. To gain the data-backed insights it needed to craft a future-oriented marketing strategy, it chose Highspot.


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Disconnected Systems Obscure Essential Insights

While Imagine Learning’s marketing team was doing everything they could to support their reps, their current systems were disjointed, making governance and findability painful. “Reps would be looking for materials in five different places and finding the wrong version,” shared David McGinty, director of strategic marketing at Imagine Learning. Without a single source of truth, content was hard to find and version control was difficult. The available insights — both internal and external — didn’t paint a full portrait of the marketing team’s efforts. “Our analytical data was nowhere near what we wanted as content creators,” added McGinty. “The information we would get from the content we produced was limited to what the sales team would tell us or what we would get from the marketing system.” The team’s knowledge of the content that converts was confined to the few insights they could occasionally glean — a method that limited their ability to produce strategic, impactful assets.  

Lackluster data pulled from their existing system revealed little about how reps used content — let alone how buyers engaged with it. Together, these limitations meant the team had no way of knowing which assets resonated with buyers of every persona, industry, or deal stage, making it difficult to effectively target prospects. Seeing that this lack of insight limited their go-to-market rigor, the marketing team knew it was time for a change. Hoping to surface content more efficiently, gain key engagement data, and remove uncertainty from their strategy, they chose Highspot.

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Without that [insight], we're in a situation where you're always just guessing what's working. It can be really scary to be in a situation where you're putting something out into the world, and you don't know if it's connecting until maybe the sales are made, or maybe they’re not.

David McGintyDirector of Strategic Marketing, Imagine Learning


Analytics Inform and Uplevel Marketing Strategy 

As Imagine Learning’s marketing team implemented Highspot, they were first struck by the value of a consolidated tech stack. Everything — from their content to their external engagement insights — operated within a single source of truth, leaving the team well-equipped to resolve the inefficiencies of their previous solutions. Soon, reps realized that value, leading to a 14% increase in platform adoption. With 87% recurring usage of the platform, the marketing team had captivated their internal audience.

From there, they began crafting data-informed content that strategically targeted audiences — both internal and external. Highspot Analytics transformed this effort, offering the team greater insight into the content buyers found engaging. “We can get the data that allows us to iterate well and make things that really connect,” shared McGinty. While that insight was essential, it was also slightly discouraging for the team, who could now see how their hard work performed — or underperformed. “If you embrace that, move forward, and accept that data is going to improve your content creation, the rewards are incalculable,” added McGinty.

With buyer engagement insights streaming in through Highspot, the marketing team found a way to craft content strategically while surfacing specific assets to reps in the moments that matter. “We can add a new power to what reps are already doing,” explained McGinty. “We’re not changing their processes — we’re improving them.” The addition of native analytics has been a game-changer. Now, the team has a full picture of their go-to-market motion, a newfound line of sight that hones their ability to impact deal outcomes and drive business results.

Choosing Highspot did two main things: One was to provide us with huge amounts of data in terms of the usage of our materials and what was working. Another was to provide a level of organizational structure to our content we had never seen before.

David McGintyDirector of Strategic Marketing, Imagine Learning


Data-backed Approach Boosts Buyer Engagement

Between quick wins and larger strategic victories, the transition to Highspot has been a meaningful improvement for Imagine Learning. Now, its marketing team is able to effectively center content creation and go-to-market strategies around data. “We found which pieces of content were being viewed and absorbed at a much higher rate than any of the other materials we have,” added McGinty. “We were able to feed that back to the sales team and see a huge level of engagement.” But data isn’t the only force multiplier Imagine Learning has seen with Highspot.

For its marketing team, the benefits of a single source of truth spoke for itself. Since simplifying its tech stack with Highspot, the team has been able to optimize the impact of their efforts. No longer struggling to surface engagement insights, they’re focused on crafting value-driven content that sparks business outcomes — and have already realized a 7% increase in buyer engagement. 

I think in terms of the value to marketing, it’s very difficult to understate the change that adopting a system like Highspot can give you

David McGintyDirector of Strategic Marketing, Imagine Learning

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