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Consolidating Your Enablement Tech Stack

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In this digital age, we all have unused apps on our phones that take up storage and slow down performance.

Today’s reps can often feel the same way about the tools they use in their jobs – 66% of sellers say they’re drowning in tech, using 10 tools on average to close a deal. When reps jump between several tools to get their deals across the finish line, it can waste selling time and slow down deal cycles, while hindering your ability to understand how your go-to-market efforts are performing. How can you optimize your tech stack so reps can sell more effectively and efficiently?

Consolidating your enablement tools can remove blockers in rep workflows and unleash sales productivity. With a unified enablement platform rather than multiple disjointed tools, you can enhance sales readiness, increase consistent execution, and maximize your team’s productivity – while lowering your total technology spend. Here are tips to achieve more with a unified platform and get the most out of your enablement investments this year. 

Integrate Your Sales Methodology to Maximize Your Investment 

When your sales methodology isn’t woven into in your sales content and training, you can’t tell if reps are adopting the material or retaining the information learned. To maximize your methodology investment and increase knowledge retention, integrate your sales methodology into a holistic enablement strategy using a unified platform. Ingraining your methodology in the way you onboard, train, and coach reps allows you to increase adoption of learning material and continuously assess rep competencies. By using a unified enablement platform to reinforce your sales methodology, rather than several separate tools, you can improve sales readiness and maximize your investment. 

TIP: Integrate your sales methodology with your Highspot environment to drive reps’ retention and application of the methodology. With Highspot Marketplace, you can infuse methodology courses into reps workflows and surface them in context to drive adoption of your training investment and more consistent sales behaviors. Customers that have a Marketplace app in their Highspot environment experience a 57% increase in Sales Play adoption and a 26% increase in active learners in their sales training. 

Unify Content, Guidance, Training, and Coaching for More Consistent Execution

Using separate tools for sales content, guidance, training, and coaching creates a disconnected rep experience and disrupts sales efficiency. Reps struggle to engage buyers when they can’t find the content they need quickly across various tools or understand how buyers are engaging with their content when data isn’t shared across systems. Without insights into what content works best, sellers aren’t as effective in their buyer engagements, which inhibits their productivity and performance. Having one place for reps to access all of their resources reduces the time spent getting enabled and allows reps to more easily put learning into action. By making it easier for reps to sell, they can execute winning behaviors more consistently and increase their output with fewer tools..

TIP: Rather than having separate, disjointed systems for your enablement programs, utilize one platform that integrates content, guidance, engagement, training, coaching, and analytics. Training your reps in the same solution they use to engage buyers equips them with the right content and skills to take action and the insights to perform more consistently. For example, reps who actively complete Highspot training courses engage with buyers 15% more often.

Accelerate Sales Productivity With an AI-powered Platform

Today’s reps waste precious time jumping between several tools, manually inputting data, and finding the resources they need – which slows down productivity. Only 28% of reps’ time is spent selling, meaning the majority of their week is spent on administrative activities that could instead be used to move deals forward. However, AI is changing the sales game – 97% of sales leaders believe AI gives sellers more time back to sell. By consolidating your enablement tech stack to a single AI-powered platform, reps can find the content they need faster, engage buyers more easily, and gain time back to close more deals.

TIP: Consolidate your sales enablement tools with a unified platform and leverage AI to expedite sales efficiency. Customers who use Highspot Copilot to expedite the process of writing sales emails are 33% more likely to engage with buyers, encouraging consistent execution. By using an end-to-end enablement platform powered by AI, reps can execute faster and smarter to spend more time creating positive buyer experiences. 


To drive consistent execution in today’s business landscape, companies need to do more with less. Less tools for your reps to leverage. Less time wasted searching for the content you need. Less technology expenses that can be reallocated for programs and people. It’s no wonder that 94% of leaders have indicated their plan to consolidate their sales tech stacks. By unifying your content, guidance, training, and coaching efforts in a single platform powered by AI, you can maximize your enablement investments, improve consistent execution, and accelerate your team’s productivity.

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