How Hudl Improved Seller Engagement by 123%

Hudl uses Highspot as a single source of truth and empowers sales success with actionable insights.

Key Results
  • Achieved 81% recurring usage of Highspot
  • Increased revenue from new and existing customers by 6%
  • Increased seller engagement in enablement programs by 123%
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Hudl, a global leader in sports analysis, is no stranger to the importance of data. More than 230,000 sports teams worldwide have used their video analytics capabilities to reach their full potential and support their long-term goals. With over 3,500 employees operating in 15 countries, Hudl hoped to foster better alignment between sales and marketing by getting all their employees on the same page regarding their content. To make this easier, the revenue enablement team at Hudl launched a partnership with Highspot. Already, they’ve started identifying trends and implementing meaningful changes based on actionable insights from Highspot.


Content Disorganization Hinders Sales Enablement Efforts

With a 3,500-strong global workforce, a top priority for Hudl is to ensure that employees have what they need to be productive, no matter where they are located. However, it faced a significant challenge in the fact that when salespeople went looking for customer-facing content, it was rarely easy to find. Before implementing Highspot, Hudl used a combination of Google Docs and its internal intranet to store sales collateral. After more than 15 years in the business, this system had poor version control and was full of outdated information. This meant that when salespeople needed information quickly, it simply wasn’t available.

With the right content difficult to find, sellers often resorted to creating their own materials. This in turn led to another problem: the system became flooded with off-brand content that was not ready for external consumption.

Their current system also provided no insight into how salespeople and customers used existing content. “Salespeople would spend time bringing all this content together, but we couldn’t measure the return,” said Tom Blackshaw, the senior manager of revenue enablement at Hudl. Salespeople wouldn’t know whether customers were opening sales collateral, much less whether it resonated with them. This made customizing the sales process extremely difficult and time-consuming.

It's really important to have one version of the truth. We want to move away from salespeople just creating their own content to managing the content and delivering it in the right way.

Tom Blackshaw, Sr. Manager of Revenue Enablement, Hudl
Tom Blackshaw

A Single Source of Truth Empowers Alignment

To better equip its salespeople for success and gain insight into what worked with customers, the Hudl team implemented Highspot. Soon after the platform launched, the sales enablement team started to notice deeper engagement with their content. Their initial objective was to create a one-stop shop with the most updated versions of all their sales collateral so salespeople could immediately log in, find what they needed, and send it straight to customers. Now, there’s only one way for salespeople to do so: through Highspot. Simplifying this process has led to an 81% recurring usage rate of the Highspot platform.

Centralizing content within the Highspot platform has made it easier for salespeople to find what they need faster, and it’s also given them much greater insight into how that content is performing with customers. A few months out from the launch, the most significant improvement for the team has been in gaining actionable insights into what works. This has helped drive deeper engagement with buyers, including a 6% increase in revenue from both new and existing customers.

These insights have also been crucial in helping to improve collaboration between sales and marketing. “We had a great workshop with some of the Highspot team where we were wanting to understand the Analytics and the reporting, and wanted to identify what would resonate with our marketing team,” shared Blackshaw. As a result, sales and marketing leaders can understand which levers to pull and where they need to put their focus at each stage for maximum impact. “Highspot has already started to drive better sales and marketing alignment,” explained Blackshaw.

The key drivers for us since we've launched have been the insights around who's engaging with the content and what content is being engaged with.

Tom Blackshaw, Sr. Manager of Revenue Enablement, Hudl

Empowering Sales Success With Actionable Insights

With a single source of truth to equip its teams for success, Hudl has been able to keep salespeople engaged and motivated internally while more deeply engaging buyers externally. In fact, the team has seen a 123% improvement in seller engagement in enablement programs since implementing Highspot. And this boost in satisfaction is evident even beyond the numbers. “We’re hearing great anecdotal feedback,” shared Blackshaw. “Now we’re evaluating what we need to do now to drive further adoption. What do we need to do to take it to that next stage?”

As Highspot has been embedded in the sales workflow, it has become a trusted tool that the team continues to return to – not only to find the right information at the right time, but to gain actionable insights that unlock ongoing improvement. “It’s been great because it gives you not just the insight but the intelligence we can actually do something with,” said Blackshaw.

Highspot has literally become our one source of truth.

Tom Blackshaw, Sr. Manager of Revenue Enablement, Hudl

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