How Nayax Improved Buyer Engagement by 77%

Nayax drives global consistency, engagement, and collaboration with unified enablement.

improvement in buyer engagement
increase in rep engagement in enablement programs
improvement in content governance


With a global workforce spread across 80 countries and an even wider network of customers, FinTech giant Nayax knows the value of strong links between marketing, product, and sales teams. Their advanced payment technologies have served customers for over 15 years with innovative and intuitive solutions for unattended retail businesses. Now, the goal driving their ongoing business expansion is to understand each customer’s challenge and deliver story-driven content addressing their unique pain points. To better serve their segmented audience and make life easier for their staff, the Nayax team partnered with Highspot. In just a few months since implementation, they’ve already achieved impressive results, including a 16% improvement in content governance.


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Lack of Consistency Hinders Productivity Amid Growth

With a broad audience, Nayax’s sales and product marketing teams have worked hard to create a narrative of each type of customer and tailor its product education and marketing programs to match. “In order for us to create the best practices and effective product education programs, we need to really know our customers and understand their journeys across the board,” explained Michal Sever, senior director of product marketing and product education at Nayax. “Understanding the narrative, understanding the pain behind each act. This is our superpower.”

Having such a segmented audience led to the creation of unique messages for different personas in each vertical in several languages. Meanwhile, Nayax had recently gone through an IPO, which meant its sales community was larger than ever before. But without a single source of truth, ensuring content organization and consistent messaging across its global regions posed a challenge. As a result, Nayax found that its salespeople were often confused about what content to use, which risked compromising customer trust. “It became messy, and the need to bridge between what headquarters wanted to say about the brand and its product and how it translated into the field was challenging,” said Sever.

Additionally, its disjointed process for storing and distributing sales assets also lacked insights, leaving marketing and product teams in the dark as to the impact of their hard work. Thus, Nayax knew it needed an enablement platform that could not only help centralize assets in a single source of truth but also streamline sales workflows and surface actionable insights through integration with its CRM, Salesforce.

We didn’t want them to search for the right content while they’re on a call. We wanted them to save time and find the collateral they need swiftly and without the headache of messing around.

Michal SeverSenior Director of Product Marketing and Product Education, Nayax


Unified Enablement Empowers Alignment Globally

To help link executives, sales, and product marketing with better insights and simplified workflows across the board, Nayax partnered with Highspot. With a unified platform to enable all of its revenue teams globally, it was able to intuitively organize assets and deliver learning programs to ensure consistency. This also helped deepen engagement and collaboration across departments. For example, Sever and her team facilitated a cross-functional hackathon to build materials and ensure that no segment, vertical, line of business, or geographic location was left out.

Another way that Nayax has been able to empower alignment across its revenue teams is through its use of Sales Plays and Kits. Sever and team partnered with product marketing managers to create dynamic Sales Kits in Highspot for each key segment so that reps could easily access the resources needed to effectively execute in different sales scenarios, even in the middle of a call. By enabling sales through the creation of these personalized and segmented Sales Kits, reps became more productive, saving time and driving up their successful closed-won opportunities.

Additionally, Nayax focused on optimizing its techniques for engaging buyers, leveraging insights from Highspot, Pitch capabilities, and Training and Coaching programs to do so. For example, the enablement team listened to sales calls to assess what resonated, A/B tested messaging and leveraged Analytics to understand performance, and designed training and coaching material in Highspot aimed at scaling best practices. In doing so, they were able to simplify messaging and ensure that anything in Highspot used the same facts and tone of voice, serving as a single source of truth regardless of who was accessing it and when. These efforts have helped lead to a 77% increase in buyer engagement.

We see that everybody is using the messaging we want them to use. Across the globe, from the United States to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Japan, everybody is utilizing the same tone of voice, which is amazing.

Michal SeverSenior Director of Product Marketing and Product Education, Nayax


Consistency Deepens Engagement and Collaboration

In establishing a single source of truth through Highspot, Nayax has helped its sales reps improve their effectiveness while saving time. As reps have seen their success improve with streamlined workflows and unified enablement programs, adoption of the platform has steadily increased across the board. In fact, Nayax has seen a 67% increase in rep engagement in enablement programs since implementing Highspot. 

And through Analytics, Nayax’s leadership can see the reps who are using Highspot frequently and those who are not, and can clearly see that productivity and closed deals correlate to use of the platform. While their journey with Highspot has only just begun, the team is excited about the traction they’ve already achieved and they have big plans to continue to scale impact.

Each month, we see an increase in usage within the system, and we see a correlation between usage and the revenue from closed deals won. I think the end game for us will be to see a complete correlation between Highspot usage and closed deals won.

Michal SeverSenior Director of Product Marketing and Product Education, Nayax

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