How Branch Increased Buyer Engagement by 14%

Branch switches its enablement investment to Highspot and gains actionable insights to drive engagement.

Key Results
  • 28% increase in Play adoption
  • 44% increase in Pitch adoption
  • 14% increase in buyer engagement
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Branch provides the industry’s leading mobile linking and measurement platforms, unifying user experience and attribution across devices, platforms, and channels. Its mission is to create a more open, connected, and relevant digital ecosystem for its customers. However, without a sufficient enablement tool to unify the efforts of its team, Branch struggled to fully engage its customers. With Highspot, Branch found a more robust solution to enable the team, work more collaboratively, and drive impact for the company.


Previous Solution Caused Distrust

Branch enables brands to build and measure engaging and relevant end-user experiences across all platforms, devices, and channels. However, despite having an existing sales enablement solution, it was difficult to fully leverage and left the company unable to work as collaboratively as it needed to.

Without trust, the team’s efficiency was negatively impacted, leaving them searching for a better option. “One of my first initiatives coming to Branch was evaluating other tools, and we ultimately ended up moving forward with Highspot,” said Melina Gaikas, senior field enablement manager at Branch. The team needed a solution that was not only easier to navigate, but could enable efforts across multiple functions.

We actually had a broken integration with [our previous tool]. The field team had lost trust in the content that was in there, which created some friction for my team with product marketing because all of their content was being underutilized due to the gaps in the tool.

Melina Gaikas, Senior Field Enablement Manager, Branch
Melina Gaikas

Uniting Teams With a More Powerful Platform

With Highspot, Branch found a way to break down internal silos and enable its teams more dynamically. Highspot features like Plays added an increased level of collaboration and education on new products, especially around important product launches, and allowed the team to better measure their efforts. “We have started to use Plays, specifically in partnership with our product marketing team, to really drive engagement for newer product launches,” described Gaikas. “What’s been great is how we’ve been able to work closely with our sales leadership team to review the Scorecards afterward.” Since implementation, the team has seen a 28% increase in Play adoption.

Implementing Highspot also helped the team overcome the content trust issues caused by the previous solution, improving seller confidence. For example, leveraging SmartPages, the team has been able to create engaging and interactive homepages and Spot overview pages to guide reps toward the right content. “We leverage our homepage heavily,” said Gaikas. “We pin content and highlight it as it comes up based on what we want them to focus on most.” The promoted content features within Highspot made content even more accessible, thus improving the team’s understanding of the material and helping drive more impactful customer conversations.

We have started to use Plays, specifically in partnership with our product marketing team, to really drive engagement for newer product launches.

Melina Gaikas, Senior Field Enablement Manager, Branch

Actionable Insights Drive Engagement

After struggling with an underleveraged platform that bred misuse of content and friction among teams, Branch found a single source of truth in Highspot. Not only was content more readily accessible, success was more easily measured. “A recent win is definitely the consumption metrics that go along with the content,” noted Gaikas. “Really being able to leverage those analytics and show the impact they have, not just with our internal field teams, but with our customers, is so helpful.” 

For example, these insights have helped Gaikas and her team understand how reps utilize sales material and how customers engage with it. By understanding what works, the team has been able to optimize enablement programs, which has helped them drive results such as a 44% increase in Pitch adoption and a 14% increase in buyer engagement.

It’s been great to have additional data points we didn’t have previously to really measure the effectiveness of both our content and our enablement. We love leveraging Highspot and seeing how quickly our team has adopted it.

Melina Gaikas, Senior Field Enablement Manager, Branch

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