How Motus Achieved a 99% Boost in Buyer Engagement

Motus achieved a 16% increase in Pitch adoption and a 99% increase in buyer engagement with Highspot.

Increase in Pitch adoption
Increase in buyer engagement
Content findability


With team members spread across 40 states, vehicle reimbursement solutions leader Motus understands the importance of creating a congruent message across the organization. To foster consistency, it sought an enablement strategy that reinforced its WorkAnywhere values while still ensuring rep alignment in its efforts to support the rapid evolution of its product lines. To better facilitate the success of its sellers, Motus needed a robust enablement solution equipped to optimize its disjointed content management and training strategies. Looking to drive increased sales impact, it decided to switch to Highspot.


Content and Training Gaps Prevent Congruence

Before Motus implemented Highspot, process inefficiency was a common problem facing the enablement team. Rather than progressing its enablement journey, Motus’s previous solution inhibited cohesion, keeping messaging and resources departmentally siloed. In this environment, cross-team alignment was difficult, made even more so due to limited version control capabilities. With internal information often being shared externally and ongoing communication difficulties between teams, Motus could neither ensure rep consistency nor create big-picture alignment.

Further compounding this misalignment, the enablement team lacked the insights necessary to hold reps accountable and help sales leaders reinforce essential behaviors among their teams. “When we don’t take the time to bring our sales leaders up to speed, specifically on the skills they need as leaders, but also within whatever initiatives we’re enabling on, you’re not going to see continued success,” shared Chelsey Groh, director of enablement and training at Motus. To resolve these painful misalignments, Motus needed a more robust solution to deliver, execute, and measure its enablement programs.

Content management, previously, was difficult. Governance between managers, marketing, and employees was a nightmare.

Somi MaynardInstructional Designer, Motus


Aligning With Strategic Initiatives to Improve Collaboration

Motus needed a unified solution to effectively equip, train, and coach its reps, as well as a strategic plan to implement it. As such, the team’s first step was to uncover the strategic initiatives that mattered most to executives and demonstrate how Highspot could support these in order to achieve the top-down buy-in. “Having the executive level buy-in early and being able to tell that story and show how it accomplishes key business initiatives has allowed us to continue that excitement from the top down,” noted Groh. 

By aligning on goals, Groh and her team were then able to arm leaders with data-driven insights to help them hold their teams accountable to those outcomes. For example, Scorecards became a critical tool for sales leaders to track performance and effectively coach their teams. “Coaching is sustained by sales leaders, so if we do not take the time to get them up to speed on an initiative and the expected outcomes and how they are supposed to be holding their people accountable, it’s a wasted opportunity.” Groh explained. 

Access to insights also helped remove silos across the organization to improve collaboration. With high adoption and 89% content findability, the team monitors what works to make data-driven decisions.

Groh and her team’s strategic approach to implementing Highspot helped them reinvent Motus’ sales experience for the better. For example, Motus instills a culture of learning from day one by delivering its onboarding program with Highspot Training and Coaching, and continues to guide reps toward impactful resources throughout their journey with Sales Plays. “It’s about fostering a culture of learning, development, and enablement and making sure it permeates every department,” noted Groh. 

We finally have an eye on exactly what our sellers are using day in and day out and what’s productive from that usage. We’re able to create a streamlined message across Motus as opposed to every department being siloed.

Chelsey GrohDirector of Enablement and Training, Motus


Top-down Enablement Strategy Boosts Sales Outcomes

With an aligned strategy and strong support across go-to-market teams, Motus is excited about the impact of enablement on its broader business priorities. “We’re finally starting to see this congruent message that we’ve so longed for,” shared Groh. “What we’ve been able to accomplish within Highspot is to create an environment where people can onboard successfully and quickly. We’ve seen a more cohesive voice across the way, but we’ve also seen an environment where people are hungry and eager to get in and actually see the data that’s available.”

Motus harnessed the platform to optimize the entirety of its sales motion, leading to a 16% increase in Pitch adoption and a 99% increase in buyer engagement. But more than a simple solution, Highspot has become a long-term partner in Motus’s enablement strategy – and the team envisions it playing a key role as enablement expands across the organization beyond sales. 

When we look at Highspot as a whole, it’s not just the opportunity for one-off learning. It’s the ability to build more.

Chelsey GrohDirector of Enablement and Training, Motus

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