How Clarivate Increased Quota Attainment by 50%

Clarivate enables efficiency through Highspot’s unified platform and provides insights for strategic business decisions.

hours are saved each week for reps
increase in quota attainment
increase in average deal size


Clarivate is an industry provider of data connecting people and organizations with information they can trust to transform their work and the world. Its subscription and technology-based solutions are coupled with deep domain expertise and trusted by over 45,000 customers around the globe. However, without a robust enablement platform, Clarivate struggled to equip, train, and coach its sellers to effectively engage its customer base. With Highspot, the team found a better way to empower its revenue teams, ultimately improving engagement in enablement programs by 52%.





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Limited System Impeded Team Impact

Clarivate is a global leader in trusted and transformative intelligence, bringing together enriched data, insights, analytics, and workflow solutions to fuel the world’s greatest breakthroughs. But without a centralized enablement system, the team was drowning in information and struggling to find what they needed for customer conversations.

Tracking team progress and workflows with the existing system was difficult as well. “One of our biggest challenges was having real time, up-to-date territory ownership,” noted Heather Anderton, vice president of sales operations and enablement at Clarivate. This led to duplicative work and limited insight into overall impact. Clarivate needed a better way to organize information and improve accessibility across the team in order to support customers.

The platform we had before was just a company intranet. It was impossible to find anything.

Heather AndertonVice President of Sales Operations and Enablement, Clarivate


Enabling Efficiency Through a Centralized Platform

By centralizing all sales assets and collateral in one place through Highspot, Clarivate made it easy for sellers to find and access everything they need to support clients throughout their journeys. “We post every single thing we want sales to see in Highspot and we direct them only to the platform,” detailed Anderton. “The tags really enabled search for our sales teams. With Highspot, we found that it’s much easier for sellers and other internal teams to find what they’re looking for.” In doing so, Clarivate has helped reps save 15 hours per week on average.

Implementing Highspot also gave Clarivate a centralized way to provide visibility both internally and externally, something the company previously lacked. “We have various CRMs, meaning we can’t reference just one, so Highspot allows all of the internal stakeholders to see who owns an account, as well any customer service or product details,” explained Anderton. “Plus, our documents track offline and update in real time, so Highspot has really enabled the entire ecosystem to support our customers.”

With improved accessibility and visibility, Clarivate was able to enhance the way the company engaged customers and employees. For example, the team has been taking advantage of new innovations such as Digital Rooms to share customizable microsites with clients – and they’ve even begun to leverage them to distribute key information in an engaging way internally.

One of the things we leverage quite a bit – and I think it's a major selling point – is the Digital Rooms. They make it so efficient for both our clients and the sales team – so much so that we often use them internally.

Heather AndertonVice President of Sales Operations and Enablement, Clarivate


Accessibility Drives Engagement

Overall, Highspot helped Clarivate better engage employees and customers and provided the insight needed to make more strategic business decisions. “Many of our bigger clients really enjoy the Digital Rooms because they don’t have to go and search through email, they can just go to the one-stop shop and look at all the documents,” shared Anderton. “It also really enables our sales team with forecasting because they can see who opened what and say, ‘We were forecasting this deal to close, but nobody even opened the attachment, so maybe we need to reevaluate where we are in the sales process.’” These efforts have led to incredible results, including a 50% increase in rep quota attainment and 40% increase in average deal size.

Since implementation, Clarivate has seen a positive response from sellers, as they’ve eagerly adopted Highspot as a key tool in the tech stack. In fact, the team has driven an 86% recurring usage rate of the platform.

Anything we want sales to see, we post in Highspot and no other location. That really helps them know they only have one place to go, versus the many differing places they used to have to search, which is ultimately driving sales productivity.

Heather AndertonVice President of Sales Operations and Enablement, Clarivate

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