How Amwell Increased Customer Engagement by 200%

Amwell empowers productivity with operational rigor and drives business outcomes.

increase in customer engagement
increase in first-month sales activity
of quota met after implementing Highspot


Amwell is a hybrid healthcare company providing backend software and hardware solutions to connect providers, payers, and innovators. The company works to create an ecosystem of care that spans in-person, virtual, digital, and automated methods, making healthcare more accessible for all. Though it had an effective enablement technology stack, large-scale changes brought about by the pandemic left the team overwhelmed by the need to wholly transform its business strategy. As a result, its tools were underutilized, thus limiting the accessibility of enablement programs for the broader team. It needed to reinvigorate its approach and align teams internally in order to unleash the power of its enablement solution and effectively navigate change.


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Siloed Tool Usage Resulted in Untapped Potential

When Amwell initially implemented Highspot, its use was siloed, which meant that it was only being used at a fraction of its full capacity. “We inherited Highspot from our product marketing team, which did the implementation back in January of 2020 before the world changed,” said Jenna Wolfsgruber, program manager of growth enablement at Amwell. “They were using it more as a content management system and not a true enablement platform.” To help the company navigate these changes, the team recognized the need to expand use of its enablement platform and take full advantage of its capabilities, beyond just content management. 

The company decided to transition ownership of the tool to the enablement team in order to bring operational rigor to the tool in alignment with the broader enablement strategy and expand its use across the revenue organization.

We needed to implement more of those rigorous enablement features and functionalities that make the tool so powerful.

Jenna WolfsgruberProgram Manager of Growth Enablement, Amwell


Empowering Productivity With Operational Rigor

By taking ownership of Highspot, the Amwell enablement team was able to reestablish the purpose of the platform as more than just a content management system and instead a vehicle to bring its enablement strategy to life with operational rigor. “We utilize Highspot for all of our communications and all of our training assets, so everything comes from and lives within the platform,” shared Wolfsgruber. “It’s the nucleus of everything we’re doing.”

By centralizing all of its enablement programs within Highspot and expanding the reach of the platform across the organization, the team has been able to break down silos and create a connective tissue throughout the company. As a result, cross-functional collaboration has improved. “We work very cross-functionally with other teams across the org, so we utilize Highspot as the source of truth,” explained Wolfsgruber. This collaborative approach has helped the team stay better aligned to strategically influence key business initiatives. “We use it to drive the organizational goals, like booking targets, but also cross-functional alignment and learning and development initiatives on the corporate HR side,” described Wolfsgruber. 

For example, a large initiative for the team was its new “Summer of Learning” program, which significantly expanded the scope of the enablement team. To bring this to life, the team leaned on Highspot capabilities such as Training & Coaching to scale knowledge and skills across not only customer-facing teams, but also customer-adjacent teams.

And by leveraging more of the features, like Sales Plays, Wolfsgruber also provided more structure for the sales team. “We are using Sales Plays to guide our reps and Highspot did all of the hard work for us with the Know, Say, Show, Do framework,” said Wolfsgruber. “Our reps are essentially in that mindset all the time, so they know what types of content to expect in each of those sections.” With a strong framework in place, the team saw an 86% adoption rate of Plays within Highspot.

Our enablement maturity and success as a team would not be possible if we did not have Training & Coaching in our arsenal. It’s allowed us to scale, to be consistent, and to be viewed as that source of truth and trusted expert and partner in what our sellers are trying to do. It drives results and you really can’t argue with the numbers.

Jenna WolfsgruberProgram Manager of Growth Enablement, Amwell


Platform Optimization Drives Business Outcomes

Reestablishing how Amwell uses Highspot has led to significant outcomes for the team, which they have been able to track and optimize through Analytics and Scorecards. “Play Scorecards really help us get a real-time view of rep engagement and activity,” shared Wolfsgruber. “It gives us the ability to be really nimble if we need to make a change, if something isn’t working, if people aren’t looking at what we need them to, or if reps aren’t doing well in the training.” With these insights, the team has optimized programs to drive impressive progress, including increasing first-month sales activity two-fold through its new onboarding program and consistently achieving 100% of quota. Highspot ultimately provided a way to showcase team accomplishments to leadership, including an impressive 200% increase in customer engagement.

You have to see it to believe it, and I do think we're ticking upwards on our maturity model. Highspot Analytics are helping us finally show our executive leadership how we are impacting the organization, both from a rep perspective and external customer engagement.

Jenna WolfsgruberProgram Manager of Growth Enablement, Amwell

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