How Zappi Improved Buyer Engagement by 96%

Zappi boosts adoption and scales productivity with Highspot as its centralized platform.

Key Results
  • 96% improvement in buyer engagement
  • 89% Pitch adoption, representing a 13% increase
  • 87% content findability
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Zappi is a market research technology company providing world-class consumer insights that fuel positive experiences for its customers and its customers’ customers. By connecting creators with data, Zappi helps companies build brands, products, ads, or shopping experiences that resonate. But without an internal enablement system, Zappi struggled to effectively engage its own customers. With Highspot, the team found a way to not only deliver enablement programs and sales content, but organize and track their efforts to drive results.


Content Chaos Made Buyer Engagement Difficult

Prior to introducing Highspot, Zappi leveraged Google Drive to both create and store content. While this approach worked fine for internal content collaboration, the team faced issues with accessibility and permissions when leveraging this approach for external content, making it difficult to effectively engage with buyers. “One thing we really struggled with was a way to centralize our collateral for our externally-facing content,” said John Hunt, head of revenue enablement at Zappi. 

In addition to these governance issues, an especially difficult barrier of its previous solution was content findability. For example, ineffective search meant reps wasted time trying to find the information they needed or couldn’t find it at all. “The search functionality was basically nonexistent,” said Hunt. “Searches wouldn’t report any results, or they would show incomplete information or something that wasn’t exactly what we were looking for.” The team required an easier way to organize and access resources when they needed it.

When we wanted to engage with customers or prospects, we were relying on our G Suite, which always had permission issues between edit access and read-only access. It just wasn't very clean.

John Hunt, Head of Revenue Enablement, Zappi
John Hunt

Boosting Adoption and Engagement With a Centralized Platform

After implementing Highspot, the Zappi team revolutionized their approach to content governance. With the ability to distinguish between content types and ensure the right permissions based on roles, the team made it easier for reps to not only access what they need, but trust that the information they access is ready to use with buyers. “With Highspot, it’s very easy to mark items as internal or external-facing,” explained Hunt. Additionally, Highspot’s search capabilities have helped the team locate the right information exactly when they need it. By transforming their approach to managing content, the team was able to achieve 87% content findability. 

With a refined content strategy, the team has also redefined what success looks like when it comes to engaging buyers. For example, the team leverages Pitch capabilities in Highspot to share content externally with buyers and personalize communications at scale. Then, the team leverages Analytics to track what is and is not resonating with buyers in order to optimize their strategy. “With Highspot’s Pitch capabilities, we are able to track engagement – and not just who you sent it to, but if he or she was sharing it with others,” highlighted Hunt.

Additionally, sales teams are leveraging Digital Rooms in Highspot to efficiently and effectively tailor buying experiences. “Our best account managers have set up individual landing pages for their accounts, serving as repositories or hubs,” said Hunt. “Instead of sending 50 emails to all of our contacts with an individual attachment or hyperlink, it just updates right in their hub.” What’s more, this approach is resonating not just with buyers but with the sales team. In fact, Zappi has achieved 89% Pitch adoption, representing an improvement of 13%.

By using Analytics and trends within Highspot, we can truly see how engaging a piece of content is, what is being searched for, and what is being shared the most.

John Hunt, Head of Revenue Enablement, Zappi

Scaling Productivity While More Effectively Engaging Buyers

Overall, Highspot helped Zappi think critically about content and its performance, something they now discuss in depth on a quarterly basis. “We track the kind of engagement we’re getting on the user base and can see whether or not it’s correlated with engagement from our actual customers,” noted Hunt. “So when we actually see how many pieces of content are being shared and how often they’re being engaged with or if there’s a drop in content sharing, we partner with product marketing to identify the root cause and analyze what’s working.” This approach has helped the team improve buyer engagement by 96%.

Since implementation, the Zappi team has seen great adoption, with reps using the tool to better engage their customers in a way that is both scalable and personalized. Ultimately, this has helped improve sales productivity.

It’s a way to take a one-to-many approach, rather than sending individual emails. If you're sharing a piece of content with a customer and it's not in Highspot, you're failing – you're not doing the right thing and you're not getting the most out of it.

John Hunt, Head of Revenue Enablement, Zappi

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