Enabling Proactivity: How CaptiveIQ Increased Buyer Engagement by 22%

CaptivateIQ empowers reps with a unified platform and a proactive enablement strategy.

Key Results
  • 91% recurring usage of Highspot
  • 22% increase in buyer engagement
  • 19% increase in active learners
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Founded in 2017, CaptivateIQ’s platform turns commissions into a strategic growth driver for businesses, replacing complex, error-prone spreadsheets and legacy tools with an elegant, simple solution that helps build trust between organizations and sellers. While there is a good understanding of the benefits of this type of platform in the market, product-specific education has always been a top priority for CaptivateIQ sellers. To help make this easier, CaptivateIQ partnered with Highspot to help sellers leverage key resources in order to create deeper and more engaged relationships with customers.


Lack of Structured Enablement Led to Reactive Selling

CaptivateIQ sellers are very familiar with the challenge of navigating a complicated buying environment and are adept at shepherding customers through the industry’s complex purchasing process. However, prior to Highspot, CaptivateIQ lacked a cohesive platform or dedicated function to enable sellers from end-to-end. 

To help streamline its sales enablement efforts, CaptivateIQ was looking to shore up support in a few key areas. The first was its ability to provide a single source of truth that could fit within existing seller workflows and contain all the information, guidance, learning, and other materials they need to be successful. The goal was for sellers to have a single place where resources could be found without any confusion on version control or accuracy. 

The CaptivateIQ team also sought additional resources to support sellers in engaging with customers in more personalized and creative ways. Ultimately, the company needed to move from a sales model that was more reactive to one that focused on proactive, value-based methods – and knew dedicated enablement would play a key role in this transformation.


Whether that be through voice, through email, or through text, we're trying to find new ways in which the platform allows our sellers to take that source of truth, understand how to leverage it, and engage with customers in really impactful ways.

Alex Whisenhunt, Director of Sales Enablement, CaptivateIQ
Alex Whisenhunt

Shifting From Reactive to Proactive

To provide more structured support to empower sales performance, CaptivateIQ established a dedicated enablement function and implemented a unified platform with Highspot. Immediately, the enablement team began putting the foundational frameworks in place to help their sales team, many of whom are tenured, effectively navigate new sales processes. “We’ve got an incredible sales organization,” noted Whisenhunt. “What we’ve really wanted to do is help them learn how to take what they’re already really good at and provide some structure and foundations to uplevel that just a small percent every time.” 

To do this, the team took a data-driven approach to understand the key sales behaviors that lead to success and used that to structure its programs in a way that helps sellers adapt best practices to their own personality. “We have years of data around previous sellers and existing sellers within our business that says, ‘here are the best practices that take a deal from start to finish,'” explains Whisenhunt. “We want to help provide the structure that helps sellers act on that––and that comes from our content, the guidance, the training and the resources, and the engagement templates we can provide for sellers to be able to actually deliver and execute,” noted Whisenhunt. 

By delivering all of its enablement programs in a unified platform, the team has been able to provide this while balancing flexibility. In particular, Digital Rooms have been a critical component of helping sellers better personalize buyer engagements based on curated templates to provide more value throughout the sales process. In fact, this has helped lead to a 22% increase in buyer engagement.

Good enablement to me is when a seller understands the steps they not only need to take in the moment to engage with a buyer appropriately and in the most effective way, but also understands what's the next step and how do they take a buyer across that journey.

Alex Whisenhunt, Director of Sales Enablement, CaptivateIQ

Customized Resources Offer a Better Buying Journey

For CaptivateIQ, taking an organized yet dynamic approach to equipping, training, and coaching sellers has been instrumental in moving from a reactive to a proactive sales model. By delivering all of its enablement programs in a single solution, sellers can more easily find what they need to take action, which has resulted in positive feedback from the sales team. “Sellers are coming back and saying, ‘I’ve already done everything you’ve asked. What are the next steps? How can I do more with this? How can I find new ways of engaging with my prospects?'” shared Whisenhunt. This enthusiasm has helped lead to a 91% recurring usage rate and a 19% increase in active learners. With all the essential resources at their fingertips, sellers can spend more time personalizing their approach for each customer, leading to a more customized, engaging experience.

If we can provide that really powerful buyer experience, then I think we've done our job. And I think that enablement is the backbone of all that––how do we give people the right tools, the right knowledge, the right messaging, and the right skill sets to be able to go execute and deliver that journey.

Alex Whisenhunt, Director of Sales Enablement, CaptivateIQ

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